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10 Cheap Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

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Your front yard matters a great deal. Yes, curb appeal is one of the factors that persuade would-be buyers if you’re putting your home up for sale. Curb appeal is also one of the best ways to show off your property, making it into a “showpiece” for the neighborhood to admire. But this exterior space carries more value than curb appeal.

More recently, homeowners have asked lawn care services to make their front yards more functional. People are opting out of traditional lawns and going for outdoor spaces that extend their living spaces. But some of these lawn improvements are costly at over $200 on average.

Can you refine your lawn using only cheap, simple front yard landscaping ideas?

How to Upgrade Your Yard on a Budget

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  1. Try a lawn-free front yard

All of America’s suburbs is carpeted in turf. Lawns are nice to look at, especially when they’re super green and lush. But they waste water since they’re irrigated. Statewide, landscape irrigation takes up 50 percent of residential water consumption; residents living in inland suburban areas use up 60 percent whereas those in coastal areas use 30 percent.

If you live in an area where water conservation is necessary, your lawn may not get as much water as it needs to thrive. So instead of worrying about that, why not go lawn-free. Instead of turf maintenance, look at your options for hardscape makeovers. Alternatively, pick from water-saving ornamental grasses if you still prefer a bit of green on your front yard.

  1. Create a pathway with gravel

Pathways make it easy for guests to get to your home’s entrance. But instead of pricey pavers, which may require professionals to install, try using gravel. Gravel improves drainage and prevent runoff and erosion. And they create a quaint, European countryside appeal to your property.

But you will have to maintain these by raking them, especially for smaller pieces that tend to get tracked into homes and driveways.

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  1. Use leftover gravel as edging

Leftover gravel as edging is one of the best front yard landscaping ideas with rock. You may use it to cover an entire curved bed, creating an attractive edging around your home or limit it to border around some ornamental plants. It may even become the perfect look for your yard if you’re going for a zen garden.

  1. Plant a tree

A tree on your front yard is one of the low cost cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas you can do. But choose your tree by considering the following:

  • Height potential, to prevent obstruction and hitting power lines
  • Growing condition should match your for where you’re going to plant it
  • The purpose of the tree, if it’s for blocking wind or adding color to your front yard
  • Maintenance of the tree, that you’re not always trimming wayward branches and clearing twigs and leaves off of your front yard or the sidewalk
  1. Install a bench around a mature tree

A covered porch or a patio with a trellis would be an appealing feature to a front yard, but not when you don’t have enough budget or enough space. One of the best small area, cheap and simple front yard landscaping ideas is to build a bench around a mature tree. Use reclaimed wood and recycled materials to upholster the outdoor seating.

A bench under a tree maximizes your front yard space as well as provide shade without the added cost of construction.

  1. Plant flowers to liven up your front yard

Flowers never fail to turn a usual garden into something livelier and more vibrant. Consider the size, shape and design of your front yard — and then pick your flowers according to which ones will blossom best in your location. If you’re going with multiple colors, pick palettes that complement each one.

Create cohesion as well by picking one type of flower for one specific area in your front yard. You can also choose one type of flower as a focal point. The beauty of flowers, or any plant, is that you can place into the ground, around the perimeter of your home; you may also use recycled planters, old barrels, or even old chandeliers.

birdbath in front yard with yellow bird
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  1. Add a birdbath

When you want something distinct about your front yard, adding a birdbath is one of the low cost cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas to do. You can shop for used or antique ones in flea markets. It’s not just an eye-catching feature, but a tool to help you invite birds to your garden.

  1. Revitalize an old mailbox

Sure, the mailbox is there to simply hold letters and bills or small packages. But it doesn’t have to be just the mailbox; improve this feature by adding a mini garden bed around it. Choose hardy plants that are easy to grow, flowers or climbing plants that will weave around the mailbox.

  1. Paint terra cotta planters

Add visual interest to plain planters by spray painting or painting them. Be as creative, but choose designs that’ll work with the look you’re going for your garden.

  1. Add lights to your front yard

Sometimes, all your front yard needs is better lighting to make it stand out at night. Try solar-powered lighting; you’ll save on energy costs, introduce a bit of mood lighting to your garden and install the lighting on your own. You can just stick them into the ground along pathways and around your home. With the right lights, it’s one of the best cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas to apply.

If you’re looking for inexpensive desert landscaping ideas, consider xeriscaping. It’s a minimalist landscape design featuring drought-tolerant plants and ground covered with gravel. The low-cost form of garden design works for properties in hot and arid areas.

Cheap, Simple Landscaping Ideas

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Your front yard can be as attractive and functional as any other garden. A big budget is also not necessary to make improvements. But you must have a good plan to come up with an appealing design. List what your garden needs, what you want out of it and think about which materials can be bought used or on the cheap.

And finally, consider after care. Low-maintenance landscaping will always be more affordable and more pleasant in the long run. So before you apply some of the most spectacular front yard ideas, think about whether that may make you spend more time keeping up your garden.

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