5 Protective Gear for Worksite Safety

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Employees who work onsite, especially in industries like construction, welding, and others of the same nature, are more at risk of workplace injuries. That’s owing to the prevalence of heavy-weight equipment, sharp tools, flammable materials, and other safety hazards. That’s why it’s absolutely essential for all the people in a worksite to wear safety gear at all times. And that doesn’t just include the workers, but whoever enters the site as well.

If you’re an owner of a business whose operations rely heavily on onsite work, or you’re an employee who works onsite, you need to invest in the right protective gear. This will help guarantee your protection at work in case of accidents or emergencies. Here are the protective gears needed for worksite safety.

Hard hat

All employees or personnel entering a worksite should wear a hard hat at all times. Without it, entry is refused as a proper safety precaution. Especially in construction sites that are not stable yet, there’s a tendency for falling debris like cement or wood. Wearing a hard hat would protect the head from trauma or injuries in case of accidents or unforeseen circumstances.

Safety gloves

A worksite can be filled with a lot of chemicals, flammable solutions, and other potential safety hazards. These materials can easily burn the skin or cause irreparable damage. The hands are the most prone to these, as workers may be required to pick up or carry these dangerous substances. Hence, the importance of wearing safety gloves.

Pick the right kind of safety gloves to suit your needs. Leather gloves protect against cuts, burns, and punctures. Fabric gloves made of cotton help protect from dirt, chafing, or abrasions. Rubber gloves protect against electrical hazards. And if handling chemicals and liquid, there are also chemical resistant gloves that are ideal to use.

Protective clothing

safety gear

Although employees in worksites are not typically bound by a dress code, it’s still essential to take precautionary measures. It’s ideal to go to work wearing protective clothing such as overalls and safety footwear.

Eye and face protection

Our upper body holds the most sensitive and most important body parts such as the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. If any damage is caused to the face, our senses can become affected. That’s why the most important protective gear in a worksite are those for the eyes and face. These include goggles and face shields.

But when choosing protective gear for the eyes and face, these factors must be taken into consideration in order to maximize their use. First, they should fit properly and be comfortable so as not to hinder efficient and productive work. They should provide unrestricted movement and vision to prevent further injuries. And they should be durable enough to withstand prolonged use.

Fall protection gear

For more extreme circumstances, as when one is working in an elevated area that’s more than 6 feet above the ground, fall protection gear must be in place. This is in case of unforeseen situations and accidents, or the malfunctioning of equipment. Some fall protection gear that must be available for those working in high areas are lifelines, body harnesses, and safety nets.

Working in an active site involves more risks compared to working in an office desk. Because of this, more safety precautions must be taken to avoid injuries or harm to employees. Always equip yourself, or your workers, with the proper gear to help guarantee maximum safety in the workplace.

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