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7 Tips on Hiring a Qualified Siding Contractor

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Comparing siding companies in Kansas City can be a tricky proposition. The fact that the state has no licensing requirements in place to separate the competent contractors from the unreliable ones means you need to be more diligent. To make a hiring decision you will not regret, follow the tips below.

Pay Attention to Specialty

If you have a siding product in mind, it is imperative to hire a contractor that is specifically trained to install it. Every product is different, so choosing a company that lives and breathes it matters to ensure flawless workmanship.

Usually, a manufacturer has a certification program as a seal of its approval. If your prospective siding company is certified, it means the brand it represents stands behind its work.

Be Mindful of Window Expertise

There is no way to install siding panels without affecting the structural integrity of windows, and vice versa. It helps to work with a company with proven expertise in both building elements to minimize the damage.

If you have enough room in your budget for both siding and window replacement projects, strongly consider tackling them at the same time. Doing so can save you on labor and can ensure your house exterior is resistant to the effects of the weather.

Find Out the Down Payment Requirement

Typically, a reputable siding company only asks for a down payment as earnest money. It is in good standing with its suppliers to get the necessary materials and pieces of equipment on credit.

In many states, the legal maximum for home improvement is 10% of the job or $1,000, whichever is less. Paying anything more increases the risk you have to absorb when hiring a contractor.

Get Satisfactory Answers

Do not hire a contractor who cannot provide good answers to all of your questions. You may not have to do the dirty work, but you deserve to know how the process works. If you are not confident with the accuracy of your siding company’s representative answers, it may be indicative of the contractor’s lack of experience or insufficient proficiency.

Look for Insurance

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Never hire an uninsured contractor, for you may shoulder the culpability in case something is damaged or someone gets hurt during construction. A trustworthy company will not hesitate to provide some proof of insurance. Do not take the document at face value, though. Verify it first before hiring.

Ask for Referrals (and Read Reviews)

You should hear what other customers have to say about the company. All contractors would put their best foot forward, but there is no telling which claims are true unless you interview their past clients yourself. Check out online reviews from legitimate websites. Testimonials can help reveal the real character and competency of a siding contractor.

Make Sure a Contract is Involved

A contractor who refuses to sign a contract is not to be trusted. Take your business elsewhere if your prospective company declines to have a written agreement with you.

With so many siding contractors in the industry, it can be too easy to hire the wrong one. Take time to do your homework to choose the most qualified for your project.

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