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After-work Life: Living in a Small Home with Suitability for Retirees

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Retired individuals think about how they’ll spend time on the fun in life now that they don’t have to work. They usually choose to take some vacations here and there, visit family and relatives, make more time for their hobbies, or explore other forms of income. Of course, in that situation, you’d rather spend all that liberty on the brighter and finer things in life than housekeeping, right? But there’s a need to do it. Now that you’re thinking of retiring and getting yourself a good place to live in, you might want to keep it small.

Room for Customization

One of the activities that many retirees want to do is to live in a house that’s entirely their own. Now the phrase might sound counter-intuitive, but having a smaller house will make it easier for you to improve and customize your living space. You may think otherwise because more space would mean more room to put objects in, but you have to think: Will you be able to do it? Will you have the money and the energy to supervise it? With a smaller house, it will be more feasible to search for and purchase the objects you need from an online furniture store of your choice in Singapore.

Minor Maintenance

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A weaker body comes with old age, so that will require you to perform less strenuous activities. A smaller home is easier for you to clean since there are fewer areas to attend to. There is no need to worry about the places that you don’t spend much time in. You also don’t need as much maintenance equipment that takes up space or call cleaning services often to assist you. This will save you a lot of money and let you get extra exercise around the house, keeping you healthy. The need for minimal maintenance presents more opportunities for you in doing what you love most.


If you’ve retired due to old age, then you’d find that, in addition to being weaker, your body will also have a harder time moving around. If you have a large house, you’ll have greater difficulty in getting to the different parts of it without stressing your body out. As mentioned earlier, acquiring a smaller home will give you smaller ground to cover, and this will make it easy for you to concentrate your energies in redesigning the areas that you want to change. Don’t spend unnecessary effort in going from watching TV on the couch to sleeping in your bedroom. Instead, reserve that energy for the true reason why you have retired in the first place.

Living in a small house after retirement doesn’t mean that it will be less happy for you. It can actually be a great way to enjoy more things in life than just staying at home. It also attracts less unwanted attention and helps prevent other ugly situations, such as theft, from happening. In any case, living isn’t about what you have; it’s about being happy about it and enjoying what’s beyond material possessions.

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