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Be a Smart Property Owner by Doing These Things Once (or Twice) a Month

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Prevention is always better than a cure. That is why it is essential to keep a few tasks in mind on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This could help save more money in the long run from aggravation and emergency service calls.

Below are a few of those certain procedures you need to follow once a month.

Conduct a Monthly Check-up of the Electrical System

If things go wrong in the electrical system, that’s when you need a residential or commercial electrician in Salt Lake City. The same is also needed when you conduct a monthly check-up for the functioning of the electrical system.

Keep in mind that the electrical system you have at home is composed of a bunch of wires. Indeed, it is considered as a complex system. It is designed to give you the power for modern and enjoyable life. You need to know how it works. This will give way for you to become an empowered homeowner.

Check the Filters of the HVAC Systems

The suggestion to replace the air filters is four times a year. It is still a lot better to check on them once a month. This is about keeping the air inside the building healthy. Apart from it, the system will keep on running efficiently. It is not clogged with dust or debris. The family will, therefore, enjoy the relaxing and cool atmosphere using the HVAC systems.

Organize the Refrigerator

The food usually piles up inside the fridge. In the first start of the month, you need to take out the perishable items and containers. Decide what foods are good for the family to eat. Think of the foods that need to be thrown out.

Also, you need to wipe the shelves down and do a thorough clean. This is especially true after you have finished decluttering.

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Inspect the Tub Drains and Sinks

If the tubs or sinks are not draining as fast as you want them to be, it is time to do an inspection. This is because a build-up might cause its blockage. You need to try to remove things that obstruct the pipe manually. Use a pipe cleaner that will pull debris right through the plughole.

Follow the procedure of pouring a cup of baking soda right through the drain. Put some hot water to it. These will, therefore, clear things out. And these must be done once in a month.

Clean Out the Garbage Disposal

It will be best to clean out the garbage disposal using white vinegar and baking soda. Put both a cup of white wine vinegar and a cup of baking soda down the sink. Pour a boiling and hot water down, too. And then, fill the drain with ice cubes. Add some salt to remove the debris. Lastly, add half of lemons to the disposal. These will guarantee you that the water will keep on running. The proper disposal of garbage is also made easy. Understand as well that there are many uses to lemons around your house. It is up to you to decide what you will need to do to it.

Following some of the preventative maintenance tasks once a month can help you become a smart owner. These will help you avoid replacements costs and reduce energy costs. So, keep your home safe and healthy for the family with these helpful tips.

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