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Boost Your Missouri Retail Sales with These Ideas

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The Missouri economy is looking brighter. After lagging behind other states in growth, the Show-Me State performed significantly better during the second quarter of 2018. Its gross domestic product (GDP) rose by 5.1%, higher than the United States’ 4.2%. With this, it ranked as the third well-performing state behind Texas and Michigan.

Retailers cannot be complacent, though. US News & World Report still placed the state in the 33rd spot concerning economic growth. Businesses need to stimulate sales by considering these ideas:

Curb Appeal

The term “curb appeal” has been associated with residential properties, but its benefits apply to commercial establishments as well. A 2016 Journal of Property Research study revealed the architecture of the building (and its surroundings) and the atmosphere have a positive effect on sales prices.

One of the ways to improve curb appeal is path management. Damaged walkways may need the expertise of a Kansas City concrete repair company. A Morpace Omnibus survey revealed that over 51% would avoid a store that looked unkempt from the outside. These pathways may also be dangerous to both customers and passersby.


You woman at a shopping mallThere is a good reason why shopping centers play music: it can affect shopping behavior. The connection between music and human responses has been known for a long time. For example, surgeons listen to their favorite tracks to increase their focus.

People have a personal relationship that affects their feelings or emotions. For example, a particular genre of music can change how people view their social environment. Moreover, it can cause amusement or relaxation.

In retail, music can help generate different emotions, which can then influence the way people buy. Impulse shoppers are more likely to spend more freely when there is background music, according to a 2005 study. A 2018 research, meanwhile, cited how people tend to shop longer when they hear unfamiliar songs.

Selecting music for your stores means sending buyers the right message: you want them to feel sure or confident about their decisions, living in the moment and eager to make a purchase. Taking advantage of the emotional, cognitive, and arousal purposes of music is one of the best ways to make customers feel good about their experience in your store.

However, too much stimulation can be a bad thing; the volume of music can affect the behavior of your customers. If you want to earn more profit, keep the music in the background and let customers reflect on their purchases. Nonetheless, controlling the volume of music is not a one-size-fits-all strategy. You have to determine the best volume to achieve your desired results.


The presence of plants can help reduce the stress levels of shoppers, which can work toward the retailer’s advantage. A 2016 study revealed those with acute stress have a higher chance to save than to spend money.

Missouri is still an excellent place to do business, but owners need to do more than sell high-quality products. Their stores require the right atmosphere, which is pleasing and relaxing. This way, they can keep the customers longer and encourage them to spend more money.

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