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Building Fires: How to Prevent Accidents

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In August 2019, 4-alarm grass fires consumed two buildings in Portland and damaged several others, much to the worry of residents, architects, engineers, and the likes. How do you prevent such an unfortunate incident? There’s no way to predict accidents, but we can do a lot of things to prevent them from happening. Awareness is key.

If you live or work in a high-rise building, you must be alert and act quickly. That is because it is harder to escape from a tall structure during fires, especially when you are in one of the top floors. The risk grows the more people there are to save. If you live in a big, busy city, it might take a while for help to maneuver through traffic to reach where you live or work. As soon as you see the warning signs, you must be able to know what to do. The faster you move, the higher your chances of surviving.

So, what steps can you take to prevent accidents from happening?

Replace old wires.

Check the wiring system before moving. For one, you can use services like building commissioning in Portland and other areas. They know all about rewiring as well as fixing old pipes and water systems. Old, overworked wires can be a cause of fires, so having the help of experts is a good investment, even if it may seem that you’re dishing out a lot.

Familiarize yourself with fire exits.

Learn about all of them, not just the near ones. For example, if the nearest one is blocked during an emergency, where do you go? Familiarizing with all of them will help in this situation. The knowledge can come in handy in a case where there is no visibility. Also, consider if the stairs can serve as an exit if all of the others are blocked. Jumping out of the window is a potentially deadly option, so it might not be for the best.

Invest in small fire extinguishers.

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Keep them in accident-prone areas, in rooms where there are computers, cords, electrical appliances, and lit candles. Every floor should ideally have at least two ready-to-use fire extinguishers.

Don’t overwork your gadgets.

Burnout happens when a person is pushed to their limits, and the same applies to electrical gadgets and applies. If a computer overheats, it might malfunction. If an appliance is used non-stop, especially in areas where the temperature is relatively high, it might lead to overheating, which can cause fires. If too many things are being charged in the same outlet, a spark may also ensue. Use things only when they are needed; exercise efficiency. Doing this will boost your productivity while keeping you safe.

Exercise caution

Don’t leave electrical appliances on when you’re not using them. Do not leave lit candles unattended in any room, even if it is just for a split second. Do not place them anywhere near the curtains or where the wind blows as well. The simple act of forgetting them can be deadly. Taking extra steps to be cautious can add to the prevention of accidents.

These steps aid you in ensuring that fires don’t occur easily. If they do, you should stay as calm as possible. You cannot act well with a panicking mind. Keep in mind what should be prioritized when this dangerous incident arises.

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