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Can a Dirty House Affect Your Future Relationship?

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Most people nowadays are living busy lives that they tend to forget to do one important thing each day–and that is to clean their home. Working for eight hours is draining, but that should not be an excuse to let the dishes pile up in your kitchen or your clothes be all over your room.

Remember that your home reflects yourself. It would be awkward if your date suddenly sees how you live in filth every day.

Do people care about your home’s appearance?

The cleanliness of a home is a deal breaker in most relationships. Factors such as the foul smell in the bathroom and poor plumbing are just a few of the major concerns. Shabby sheets and dirty laundry can profoundly affect relationships, too.

While a lot of people do mind a messy bathroom, their decisions still depend on the person’s tolerance on dirt and messiness. To make things work, you need to distinguish the difference between messy and dirty accurately. Messy is something that you can fix through proper organisation. Dirty, on the other hand, is different, as it can pose possible health hazards.

Dirty bathrooms, for example, are a haven for mould and bacteria to thrive. Leaving it unattended can cause various health problems, which can be quite problematic in the long run.

What should you do to keep your home clean?

Vacuuming the bedroom carpetNow that you are in your mid-20s or early 30s, it is about time to look at your apartment and see which things bring you joy. It is time to buy a few new items that are practical and donate stuff that you no longer use.

It is time to invest in high-quality items that can help transform your space and turn it into a home. For instance, get yourself a premium ottoman bed to replace the mattress you have been using for years. This will also serve as a great storage space for your things as you declutter your room.

You need to be smart when using your space, especially when you live in a small house. You can also choose to repurpose a few things. Your old bookshelf, for example, can be a perfect haven for plants and other stuff that you want to display. Not only is it practical, but it is also a great way to help you save money instead of buying another piece of furniture.

Can you win your date with just a clean house?

Aside from your infectious personality, your date will be more than happy to be back at your place if your house is clean. Remember that a lot of people do care about the cleanliness of one’s home. Keeping all your belongings organised is a great way to show your date how neat you are in real life.

The most important lesson that you need to understand is that your home reflects your character and personality. It is safe to say that your date may be absorbing all the information that they can gather to see if the two of you are a good match. So, it is best always to put your best foot forward and show your date that you can change for the better.

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