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Creating A Luxurious Effect for Your Bathroom

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Everybody has tough days. When these days happen, one way to ease the tension is to take a long hot soak. But wouldn’t it be more relaxing if your bathroom was comfortable and inviting? How do you create this ambiance without breaking the bank? Here are some elements that you can work on.

Accentuate With Some Fixtures

You do not need to have an overhaul to give your bathroom a sophisticated look. You can concentrate on changing some fixtures. You can shop for bathroom supplies in a reputable store here in Melbourne, Victoria. Their experienced personnel can assist you with making your vision a reality. You may opt for a backsplash of eye-catching tiling or twin basins to replicate the look of a bathroom hotel. A rainfall showerhead takes you to another dimension as you imagine that you are in a rainforest. Yet, its gentle cascade is also soothing to your tired body, indeed a welcome treat after a long day.

Play with Lighting

Lights are important in bathrooms to prevent accidents. But, the lighting does not need to be too bright or glaring. Ceiling-mounted fixtures are good ideas for a softer glow. Wall lights will also distribute light evenly. Putting the light behind mirrors or having lights in alcoves casts a more mysterious mood. There are many stylish designs of light fixtures such as chandeliers, lamps or lanterns. Your choice of lighting will help set the ambiance of your bathroom.

Inspire With Scents

You can use different scents to evoke feelings of serenity and calm. There is a wide variety of scented candles and essential oils to choose from. Vanilla and lavender are popular options. For a more energising effect, opt for a citrus-based scent. The key here is to let everything blend. You would not want the scents to be at war with one another. Overpowering smells can be irritating instead of relaxing.

Create a Sense of Softness

Investing in thick and fluffy towels and bathrobes makes your bathroom more inviting. Look for storage options, such as pretty baskets or open shelving, in which to store them. If you have a heated towel rail, warm your towels before use. A rejuvenating experience does not start and end when you are under the shower. It is soothing to be cocooned in soft and warm towels after a long, luxurious bath. You can take your time to prepare yourself for the day ahead or to retreat for the night.

Focus on Unhurried Me-Time

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One way to add comfort to your bathroom is to incorporate seating, if space allows for it.  You may opt for a padded seat or a slim wooden bench. This addition to your bathroom is not only attractive, but also functional. You can take your time preparing inside the bath, maybe even sit down with a good book to get in some me-time.

Avoid Clutter

The minimalist approach is a good way to organise your bathroom. Do not display all your beauty products in plain view. Make good use of storage cabinets. Have a few essential products in sight for convenience’s sake, but organise them in appropriate containers.

Having a long soak is a great way to de-stress. When your bathroom has the right elements in place, it can lift your mood. You can wash all your worries away.

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