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Creative Ways to Transform Your Staircase

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When designing the interior of your house, you may tend to gloss over the staircase. This is because the stairs are a common feature in the home. You can easily look over this feature when planning a design overhaul.

You would be surprised to realise that the staircase has transformative potential for any creative remodelling project. You can redesign your home’s staircase to give your home a pop of creativity. Here are some ideas that you can seek inspiration from.

Play with colours

The least expensive method of transforming your staircase is to make use of colours. There are many ways to go with this, depending on your style. One of the more popular ways of playing with colours is to add a geometric pop. You can paint the staircase diagonally to brighten up the room.

You can also paint each stair a different colour. Simply adding borders to a solid painted stair can help to upgrade the room while maintaining a minimalist vibe. If you are a fan of maximalist design, you can add patterns or tiles to the staircase to add an element of visual interest.

Use it for extra storage

You can use the area under your staircase for extra storage. It is a neat way to avoid wasting space in your room yet fitting in everything neatly in place. Imagine a 10 feet closet space that goes perfectly with your room. You can build drawers under each stair if you would like to cover the contents.

You could also add shelves instead and turn the staircase into a bookshelf. This will make for an interesting display.

Experiment with materials

If your staircase isn’t ideal for conversion, you can play around with the materials that make the staircase. You could switch out vinyl panelling and railings for beautiful, burnished wood. That will give it a vintage effect. If you want to transform your home into a more modern one, considering adding glass panelling or railing to your staircase. 

Make use of rugs and carpets

Another way to give your interior a plush, comfortable feel is to add carpets to your stairs. This has the added benefit of minimising noise when people are using the stairs. They also make the stairs slip-resistant and safe for children.

The colour of the carpets can add to the overall aesthetic of the room.

For an elegant look, try cream or beige. You can also add patterned carpets or rugs to up the look.

Decorate it

White floating staircase design with the wooden background

You do not even have to carry out a full-scale redesign by splurging. You can simply decorate the staircase adding indoor hanging plants, lights and ornamental pieces. Another smart idea is to hang artwork from the sides of the stairs.

This can give you extra space to display your favourite pieces without crowding your walls.

Staircases are understated interior decor elements that have versatile uses. You can let your creativity flow and turn them into the focal point of your room. These are some ideas for you to dive in, though there really is no limit to their potential.

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