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Does Your Pillow Filling Matter?

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The filling in your pillow will determine the way it looks and feels. Based on the quantity and the quality of filler used, the pillow can be supportive, high loft, soft, firm, or low loft. Admittedly, different people will have different preferences, so knowing the filling material is not about a right or wrong option but an appropriate choice.

If you want to buy hotel quality pillows, you will have to understand your needs and priorities. What do your clients love? Some options will work for someone with neck and back pain while others will cause pain or discomfort. The following are your options of pillow filling:


The feathers found in the undercoating in a bird are referred to as down. They are generally fluffy and will give this trait to the pillow. The best down quality is from Hungarian goose. It clutters into large white clumps that are soft to touch. Sometimes down will be used with other feather fill. Feather fill adds volume and makes the pillow more affordable.  People concerned about animals that produce the down can ask for down gathered from live birds or post-mortem. Down pillows are moldable, light, and sustainable.


If you want a cheaper option to down, the feather is recommended. Feathers align to form cuddly and light pillows. They are moldable enough but will need consistent fluffing, which can be done during hotel cleaning rounds.

Polyester fiberfill

You will likely find this option labeled as “poly-fil” in the market. These pillows are popular because they are lightweight and affordable. Polyester fiberfill will absorb and maintain warmth, making it perfect for people living in cold areas. An added benefit of polyester is that it is cleaned easily.

Shredded memory foam

Memory foam is made of mainly chemicals, and polyurethane. Depending on where you buy it, it could emit chemical odors. Go for memory foam pillows if you want a magical option that will keep its shape. An added benefit of memory foam is that it is mass produced, so you can buy many pillows in a box, per purchase. No matter what you do to the pillow, it will go back to its original shape. If the shredded pieces are too small, however, the pillow will become moldable. This filling will offer excellent neck support.

Buckwheat hull

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If you are looking for breathable pillows, buckwheat hull filling is ideal. These pillows will offer proper neck support as the shells will take your head and neck shape. Buckwheat hull will keep you cool throughout the night and will serve you for a long time. Finally, the hulls are eco-friendly.

There are other types of pillow filling material available in the market with different characteristics. When buying pillows for hotel use, you should keep in mind that the purchase is not primarily about you. What might feel comfortable for you might be what someone else detests. It is an excellent practice to always ask for other opinions. Leave room for your tenants to leave feedback and take the feedback seriously. You will be happy that you did.

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