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Fences: Different Materials, Styles, and Designs

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What type of fence is best suited for your home? This will depend on the amount of maintenance you’re willing to handle and the level of detail you want your fence to have. Putting up a decorative metal fence can provide safety and contribute to the overall aesthetic of your home. There are many styles and design options available with a fence structure.

Fence Material

Tubular Steel – With a fence made with tubular steel, steel sheets are fitted into hollow posts, rails, and pickets. The resulting panels are welded together and screwed into posts. The panels can be as long as eight feet because of the strength of steel. However, steel fences are prone to scratches and rust.

Tubular Aluminum – Tubular aluminum fences have a similar shape to steel fences. However, the material does not rust, and it is much lighter than steel.

Solid Steel – Solid steel fences are composed of steel pieces welded together. There is a variety of design options available for these types of fences. They can feature intricate designs like rope-like twists, tight curves and scrolls, and pointed tops. They can appear as though they are made from wrought iron. Solid steel fences are also stronger than tubular steel but require more upkeep and maintenance.

Picket Styles

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Hand-Friendly Rings – Normally, fences that surround pools have smooth top railings. Just below, hand-friendly rings serve as a design element that promotes safety and a Victorian-era look.

Pressed Spear – Another popular design is the spear. The tip of the fence picket is sharp and shaped like a spear.

Quad Spear and Ball – A variation of the pressed spear style is the quad spear and ball picket style. The tip of the spear is finished with a ball, to keep hands safe from sharp and pointed edges.

Design Variations

Staggered Spears – If you decide you want your fence with a spear design, consider alternating their heights. With this setup, even basic bars can set the fence apart.

Arched – Aluminum fences can have a hoop-and-spear curved design. This is a child-friendly design that promotes safety and offers a relatively unique style.

Old-World Detail – Cast-iron fences can have an elaborate design. Manufacturers can mold the metal for the fence to have different designs. You can achieve décor that reflects the style of the 1800s.

Simple – Of course, solid aluminum fences can have a simpler design. Pickets can have tips of the same height. They can be pointed and then coated with paint.

Modern Victorian – Spear-and-ball picket tops allow steel fences to exude a Victorian-era design. This style involves alternating rings with ball-capped posts.

One of a Kind – Fence designs don’t always have to be uniform. Steel fences are flexible enough to allow custom designs like petal-like picket tops when bordering a lawn or garden.

If you’re thinking about adding a fence or replacing an old one, consider all the options you have. What exact type and material of fence will match your home’s exterior? Don’t forget to think about how each of these styles provide function, safety, and a more pleasing appearance.

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