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Four Homemade Drain Repair Solutions That Will Surprise You

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No annoyance in the home can be closer to that of clogged and foul-smelling drains. Many things could result in a clogged drain, but it is often a case of a build-up of chemicals, grease, and food particles. In worse cases, clogs require the attention of a professional and may sometimes lead to costly repair or replacement.

Also, a commercial cleaning product used by repairmen may contain dangerous chemicals that may damage not only plumbing components but also endanger your health. The good thing is that you can try some home-based methods to safely remove the clogs before you can even think about calling a plumber. Here are four reliable techniques you can use to maintain the integrity of your drain.

Use available tools

According to plumbers offering drain repair in Coventry, there are simple drain cleaning techniques you can try using tools you already have at home. Before you call your local plumbing specialist or buy special tools in the hardware store, consider using your bathroom or sink plunger. These tools can be effective for unclogging your drains, and you do not need to apply excessive force to remove debris from the pipes. If the fixture you are handling has an overflow vent, cover it first; otherwise, all your efforts will be meaningless because all the pressure and air will be escaping.

Pour down soda

Believe it or not, sodas or soft drinks can be a great solution to a blocked drain. Coca-Cola, Fanta, Pepsi and similar products may help clean your drain by breaking down the debris, thanks to their phosphoric acid content. Some users have even touted this solution as more effective than some commercial drain-cleaning products. This serves to show that unconventional products you have at home can be more effective than costly chemical-based cleaners.

Make your cleaner

liquid cleaners

Liquid cleaners come in handy if the tools at home disappoint you. Again, the trick is to let these liquid cleaners break down the debris in the pipes so that it can be dislodged easily. Different from commercial products, these cleaners do not pose the risk of pipe deterioration or damage. You probably already have baking soda and vinegar in your home. A mixture of these two can loosen materials in the pipes within minutes, and still do not affect the pipes. Homemade cleaners can be just as effective as those pricey cleaners.

Flush with hot water

Hot water could be the magic ingredient to solve your drain issues. Sometimes, all it takes for a dirty drain to return to its perfect working condition is a hot water bath. Pressure and hot water will dislodge those materials and any settled gunk. For a more effective result, run hot water through the system for 15-20 minutes. So the next time your drain becomes problematic, boil some water and give your pipes a good rinse.

These cleaning tips may sound simple, but many homeowners often ignore them. If you combine them with regular checks of your home plumbing, you may never have to be surprised by a backup of dirty water in the tub or sink. If these things fail though, don’t hesitate to call your local plumber.

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