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Gym, Office, Dining Area: What You Can Do With Your Garage

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Converting your garage space into an entirely new living area is one of the most cost-effective solutions for you to gain extra space in your home without having to build an extension of your property. On top of that, this improvement project gives you an additional 10% value on your home.

Unlike loft conversions, a garage conversion project does not require extensive planning and is easy to implement. A garage conversion specialist can do the work efficiently and reliably. This project also will not affect your garden or front yard spaces. And if you have a double garage, you can even convert only half of the space and use the remaining space for parking.

So, what will you do with a converted garage space? Here are a few ideas.

A Light-Filled Living Room

Knocking down the internal walls is a popular idea for most garage conversions. This will create a modern open-plan living space and improve the layout of the room. The removal of the internal walls may be combined with an impressive roof lantern and some fixed glazed doors to allow more natural light in and brighten up the new space.

The Ultimate Dining Area

If your garage is located beside the kitchen, removing the wall between them will create a larger kitchen-dining space. This also overcomes the problem of long, kitchen spaces. You can entertain more friends and guests with a bigger and brighter dining area. You can also create a utility or pantry room with a larger kitchen space.

The Perfect Home Office

A converted garage can also be the perfect home office. Since most garages are located away from the main living area and have a separate entryway for work-related visitors, it offers privacy and some peace and quiet. There is no need to knock down walls if you have this plan in mind for your converted garage.

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A Home Gym

Fitness enthusiasts will enjoy turning their converted garage into a home gym. Some people want to work out even while they are at home but do not want gym equipment crowding the living area or other parts of the house. A converted garage turned into a home gym will give workout equipment the place they deserve. This will also allow you to focus on your routine without any distractions from the main house.

A Designated Nook for Children

Garages that are adjacent to the kitchen and the living area make a great play area for young children. Parents can keep doors open so that they can supervise the kids while they carry out household chores. Older children and teens may have other ideas about this new space, too. It can be an ideal second living room where they can play video games or watch movies without disrupting the adults in the main living area.

The possibilities and uses are endless for a converted garage space. Garage conversions may not look good at first, but careful planning and some inspiration can help you come up with new usable and functional space. Sprucing up the area with bright colours will make it look like it has been part of the house all along.

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