How Much Should You Spend In Washington For Gutter Cleaning Service?

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Man fixing gutterThe cost of cleaning gutters depends on different factors, but the cost of this service in Washington could fall within the national average of $152 for this year.

Your location will affect the total price for professional service. In Seattle, WA, gutter cleaning may cost up to $340. If you live in a single-storey house, you could only spend $60 for this service. Taller houses with hard-to-reach areas tend to be riskier, which is why most professionals charge more for cleaning service. While you can do it yourself, it’s better to hire a contractor for your own safety.

Setting A Budget

Home owners who clean their gutters once every year will likely spend more than those who do it regularly, which is every three months particularly if you have trees growing near the roof. Most contractors base their rates from the linear feet of gutters, or from the square footage of your house. A bigger house will require a larger budget, so prepare to spend more than the average rate for cleaning gutters.

An alternative to spending a big upfront charge involves a recurring service deal with your contractor. They could provide a discounted rate in exchange for more frequent visits. Beware of professionals who charge a lower than average rate. They may not be insured or even half-heartedly complete the job.

Gutter Care And Maintenance

A routine gutter cleaning service also lets you know if there are problems with your roof, even if you use gutter guards. Some types only keep debris and leaves out on the roof, which act like a filter to catch only rainfall. Mesh screens are an example. If you like to collect rainfall without leaves and other elements, this is the right choice.

Other gutter guards like foam and brush inserts prevent debris from getting inside. Whether you choose to install a new gutter guard, remember that you would still have to clean the roof after some time.

Roof Replacement And Repairs

Men repairing the roofCleaning gutters could sometimes lead to the discovery of some roofing damages. In this case, you’re looking at a higher cost than just hiring someone to clean the gutters. The best time to schedule a repair or replacement service usually happens in the spring or winter months, when most roofing contractors aren’t too busy.

Another reason to avoid the peak season involves a longer waiting time. Even if you have the money to spend, you could wait for up to 30 days since your preferred contractor is likely attending to other clients. This long wait could force you to hire someone who is available immediately, just for the sake of repairing the roof despite not being sure of their quality of service.


When choosing a professional cleaner for roofing, pick a licensed and insured contractor to protect your property. You should ask for quotes from as many contractors as possible to compare the best prices. Schedule a cleaning service during the off-peak season, which happens between late summer and the fall months, if you have a limited budget.

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