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How to Detect Bed Bug Infestation on the Onset

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Bed bugs are annoying, bloodsucking pests that could invade your home — particularly your bed mattress, couch and other upholstery, clothes, and other types of fabric. If you think that your home is infested by bed bugs, it is best to resolve it as soon as possible. Dealing with a minor infestation at its early stages is less expensive and less stressful than with a widespread invasion after all.

Fortunately, there are early signs you can detect which tell that these pests are thriving in your home. You may not see them now, but they could be lurking in the smallest crevices of your home and are waiting for the right moment to attack.

Here are some tips and tricks you could follow to know that your home is suffering from an infestation:

Check your bed

Bed bugs have flat bodies that allow them to get into small holes and cracks, specifically near people where people relax and sleep. When cleaning your bed or changing sheets, check if there are rusty or red stains on the fabric. These stains are probably caused by the bugs being crushed during your sleep.

Check for small dark spots that look like marker spots that have bled, as well. These could be the excrements of the bugs. Other signs that bed bugs thrive in your beddings include tiny eggs, eggshells, and yellowish skins the insects have shed off.

Bed bug removal companies also suggest checking the pillows, headboards, footboards, and bed frames for bed bugs. Do the same with other pieces of furniture near your bed. While it is true that they are commonly found on beds, they could be hiding nearby during the day because they do not want to be seen.

Look around the house

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Bed bugs do not only live in the bedroom, but also in other parts of the house. They can be lurking in the seams and cushions of your couches and ottomans in the living room, or in the luggage bag you used recently for traveling. You can also find them underneath loose wallpaper and in the folds of the drapes.

The moldings in your walls, windows, and doors may serve as their hiding place, so check them regularly. Do not forget to check your appliances and electrical fixtures, as they can be infested as well.

Take note of your sleep

If you are experiencing uncomfortable nights lately due to itchy welts, your bed could be infested. Bed bug bites come in flat, red marks that are either aligned or in a zigzag form. In some cases, the bite marks appear in clusters.

Their bites may not be considered a health-hazard like that of other pests, but they can cause irritation and itchiness that may lead to infection when not handled properly. They could also make it difficult for you to sleep properly.

If these signs are present in your home, call a bed bug removal company right away. While you can try different DIY solutions to pests, it pays to consult with the pros. Have your home treated before the infestation gets widespread and something worse happens.

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