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How to Make More Use of Your Window Seat

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A window seat is a classy yet cozy addition to any home. It is where you spend most of your lonely times, looking out the window and thinking about what is going on with your life. However, it can also be an area of your house for relaxation and happy times. It is where you and your friends have chit-chat or play funny games.

Whether you are looking to customize an existing window seat or building a new one, you can optimize a window seat setup that is both functional and stylish with a perfect plan. Find out how you can do just that below.

1. Just add a table

That is right. Just place a table in front of the window seat. This works particularly well if your window seat is long because aside from providing storage, you can use it for a breakfast nook setup. By placing a table with your window seat, you get to bask in the view of your yard or garden while you eat, read, or work. If you are a writer, a window seat is your perfect area for inspiration and creativity. One of the top Hunter Douglas dealers in New Jersey suggests that if your window seat view is an eyesore or something that you do not necessarily want to look at, consider putting up window blinds so that you can control how much you can see from your seat.

2. Combine it with shelves

Cozy window seatIf you want or need more storage, you can consider placing your window seat between shelves. The shelves’ sides will provide steady back support, and the position of the seat will allow for easier access to shelves. For more storage, you can add drawers under the window seat. Contact an expert and ask how you can add more storage under the window seat. If you do not want shelves, you can also opt for cabinets or dressers instead.

3. Incorporate it into a sitting area

An easy way to make your window seat more functional is to work it into a sitting area. Simply place one or more chairs and a small table with near it to make it a more realized sitting area. This works especially well for smaller corners in your house since it adds a sense of privacy in that area. The space can also be utilized as a study or reading area since it is in a more private and intimate area. If your window seat turns into a sitting area, it will definitely become one of your favorite places around the house.

Whether you live in a bungalow, apartment, or high-rise condo, there is a window seat solution to fit your needs. Enhanced with the right window treatment and littered with cushy pillows, window seats make it easy for anyone to relax, read, converse with friends or family, and nap the day away. Also, make sure that the view outside the window, while you relax on the window seat, is interesting enough for you to stay.

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