How to Protect Your Property from Intruders

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Did you know that a burglary happens every 23 seconds in the United States? That’s a very shocking revelation indeed. And it’s all the more reason to protect your home from invasions. You need to take the extra effort to prevent any danger to your property and your family. Here are some tips on how to protect your home from intruders.



Every part of your property, from the exteriors to interiors, must be protected. The exteriors of your house, like your lawn, gates, etc. are your first line of defense against invaders. If you keep these areas protected, then there’s a significantly lesser chance of your home being in any danger. Here are some protective measures you have to take in your exteriors:

  • Install a fence — although an aluminum panel fence is not an entirely permanent step to take,  it can make a great difference. Having your lawn covered in fence makes it more difficult for invaders to waltz in, compared to a wide-open lawn.
  • Keep your lawn well-lit — it’s harder to break in a property in broad daylight. Installing some lights outside your home will serve as a significant deterrent against burglars and intruders. It will make them think twice because light would increase the chances of them getting caught.
  • Install security cameras — having security cameras around your house will help you monitor any unusual activity. You’ll always know what’s taking place in your property, even if you’re not around. And if you make the security cameras very visible, that’s a plus. If they know there are cameras, they will opt not to try anything funny.
  • Always lock windows and doors — windows and doors are the typical entry places for illegal intruders. Despite this, more and more people are neglecting to keep them locked. Make it a habit to lock your windows and doors even if you’re inside the house.
  • Don’t keep a spare key under the rug — it’s a common practice to leave a spare key outside your home. But this makes it easy for anyone to enter without your permission. Be smart about where you leave your spare key if you need to. But better yet, opt to always have your keys in your person.



In rare cases, when an intruder successfully gets through the security devices in your lawn, it shouldn’t be easy for them to come waltzing in your front doors and entering your house. Even if you’ve taken the protective measures for the exteriors of your home, you still have to think about the interiors. Here are some ideas:

  • Install a security alarm — security alarms will sound off when they detect suspicious activity. This will alert you when an intruder is trying to get into your home. Not only that, but the neighbors will also hear it and cause a fuss, which can effectively scare the intruder away.
  • Consider getting a dog — this might sound pretty funny, but it’s an effective way to keep intruders away. If someone successfully breaks in your house, moving around will become harder for them with a dog on the premises.
  • Keep valuables out of sight — the more visible your luxury cars, expensive furniture, and other belongings are, the more prone your home is for invasion. Do your best to keep a low profile, so you don’t attract any burglars.
  • Have an escape plan — you and your family should always prepare for emergencies. Have an escape plan to adhere to in the event of a home invasion. Your priority is to keep everyone safe.

With these tips, you’re improving the safety of your home. Always prepare for the worst and keep safety at the top of your priorities at all times.

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