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Interior Decoration with Various Tile Patterns

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Homeowners can choose between a wide variety of materials, finishes, sizes, styles, and colors for tiles. Unique tile features can serve as an accent to bring a wall or floor to life. Tile cleaning companies can ensure that surfaces retain their luster and shine and the room’s aesthetic remains unaffected by stains and molds.

Tile Patterns

More colors, shapes, and patterns are emerging for tiles. Creative styles are incorporated into walls, floors, and even ceilings.

Shapes – Tiles come in a variety of geometric shapes including squares, rectangles, hexagons, diamonds, and crosses.

Terracotta – The terracotta tile is less shiny and orange than they were in kitchens designed in the 1980s. These tiles are available in glazed varieties and some are created with darker clays.

Brighter Colors – Tiles in brighter and bolder colors make for good accent walls. They are included into interior design considerations in places like the kitchen and the bathroom.

Modern Grid – Small 4×4 square tile designs were popular for bathrooms in the ‘50s and ‘60s. Tiles with sleek, modern elements have both cutting-edge and vintage features. Tiny square tiles can be designed with a mosaic pattern.

Textures – Tiles with a subtle texture can make plain white tiles more interesting. They can, for instance, add a stylish, colorful touch to a kitchen or bathroom with neutral tones.

Subway Tiles

A subway tile is a type of glazed ceramic tile with thin grout lines. This tile was used as the surface standard of subway train stations in New York City throughout the early 20th century.

marble tiles

Heath – Heath tiles are an example of hand-crafted ceramics. They are 2×6 tiles that can come in various colors like sea foam and meadow green. They are reminiscent of the North California art movement of the ‘50s and ‘60s.

Sky Blue Glass – Tiles can be sold per square foot with tiles mounted on an easy-to-install mesh backing. These tiles are stain-resistant crystal clear glass tiles.

Calcatta – Calcatta is a white marble a little warmer and less grey in color than it’s alternative, the Carrara tile.

Yellow Gold – Subway tiles decorating a single wall can serve as an accent and dramatic focal point to a bathroom. This is true especially for colors painted in bright yellow gold. The white ceiling, floor, and fixtures, as well as natural illumination from windows in the room, combine to give the tiled wall a radiant glow.

Renaissance – Renaissance subway tiles draw inspiration from classic 19th century Victorian and Georgian designs. The installation can be accented with boarder and beaded liners to enhance overall appearance.

Red Lush – Subway tiles in red tomato hue can provide a room with a rich and deep look. These thick and clear glass tiles can be installed in a variety of configurations and stacked or staggered in horizontal and vertical orientations.

Herringbone – Tiles can come in the form of the classic herringbone pattern with rectangles arranged in a distinctive V-shaped weaving pattern.

Classic White – White subway tiles are clean, classic, and affordable. As such, they remain one of the most popular wall choices for bathrooms and kitchens. Installed in an aligned, brick, or angled pattern, they can complement any room style.

Various tile styles and patterns can complement the different interior aesthetics present in a home.

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