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Landscape Makeover? These Hardscapes Offer High Returns

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Remodeling your landscape can be a rewarding investment. It gives it a new look, making your property more attractive to potential buyers if you decided to sell your property. A charming curb appeal also entices buyers to look inside of your home, increasing the chances of a sale.

But you have to choose the right landscaping project to gain favorable returns.

Hardscape Features Offer High Returns

The Cost vs. Value report of Remodeling Magazine shows you can recoup up to 55.2 percent of the amount you spent on installing a backyard patio. This project may include the installation of a fire pit and an outdoor kitchen.

Additionally, the Remodeling Impact Report of the National Association of REALTORS® says that installing an outdoor kitchen provides a 71 percent return and a fire feature provides 67 percent. An overall landscape upgrade, meanwhile, offers an 83 percent return on investment (ROI).

Yard Investment

Now would be an opportune time to work on your property and put it back on the market, especially if you live in Spokane, Washington. The property market in the city is seeing plenty of buyers with insufficient inventory; it appears the supply can’t keep up with the demand as locals move from renting to owning.

A Forbes report states landscaping is likely the easiest and most affordable way to boost property value. Blooming flowers, plants, and healthy trees make any property more attractive.

Additionally, a house with a beautiful landscape has a significant price advantage compared to those that possess the usual yard. The price advantage can go up to 12.7 percent based on the type of landscaping and the original value of your home. If your home is worth $300,000, for example, you can earn an extra $38,100. And with the professional guidance and expertise of a local landscape architect, you’ll be able to maximize the potential of your yard.

Forbes explains you can earn some of the most impactful ROI outside your home. The report recommends three easy, cost-effective steps to achieve this:

  1. Plant native trees strategically to reduce energy cost by 50 percent
  2. Plant young shrubs that will help cool your property
  3. Plant perennial foliage instead of annual plants or flowers to reduce costs

Landscape experts explain hardscaping should be the first component to consider when planning your outdoor space. Its exclusion could disrupt the flow of your property. One way to determine your hardscaping is to look into trends.

From Warmth to Sustainability

Flowers being sprayed with water

Like the interior, trends in exterior design update, as well. released the hardscaping trends that can help your home’s curb appeal to stand out, including:

  • Crushed stones – this is a loose material, with its different textures, is ideal for creating a beautiful walkway. It’s also cost-effective because a 50-pound bag of the material costs less than $40. Crushed stones are permeable, so you can still water and nourish the grass underneath the walkway.
  • Reclaimed brick – although a freshly paved sidewalk still adds beauty to your landscape, using reclaimed bricks gives your exterior space a warm, inviting look. Also, this material’s durable.
  • Sustainable sidewalk – add an eco-friendly feature to your yard using sustainable materials. Crushed seashells, for instance, work well as a ground cover for paths or as acidity-controlling mulch for flower beds.

The exterior space of your property is just as important as its interior. When you plan to put up your house for sale, update your landscape with key hardscaping improvements. With the right features, you may see your home fetch a good price on the market.

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