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Making Your Salon Stand Out

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Salons are lucrative ventures nowadays. People are more concerned with their physical appearances. Also, they are always looking for ways to de-stress. Salons give them both. These establishments have been springing up like mushrooms because of their income potential.

In many parts of the world, such as in Australia, the hairdressing industry is showing continuous growth. So, how can a potential salon owner make his salon stand out?

A Polished Image

How you present your salon is the first thing potential clients will see. A good layout and a fine selection of materials translate to a chic appearance. Tiles and glass crafted with diamond tools that you can buy in Australia give off a precise cut and a polished finish. The result is durability and attractiveness.
People often walk inside a salon and create an immediate impression. Clients will take a second look if they like what they see. This could range from a sophisticated reception tabletop, and shiny glasses and floors. Modern-looking sinks and shampoo basins make a good impression, too.

Make sure, though, that functionality is not compromised. Cleanliness and organisation also score points to customers.

Full Services

Your range of services is another factor to draw in a good customer base. People want a one-stop salon where they can get pampered from head to toe. Think of treatments (hair, body, face), manicure and pedicure, and massages. Then create different packages that are fit for a customer’s needs or preferences.

Promos are another way to market your services. Think of birthday, graduation, first-timers, and anniversary promos.

Experienced Staff


The success of a salon lies greatly in the execution of its services. Thus, you must have an experienced team behind you. You may opt to get a seasoned staff. As an alternative, you may want them to grow along with you as you let them have training while at your employ.

The important thing is, they must be skilled with their craft. Also, they must be attentive and personable. A customer may have a specific thing in mind for a certain service. Your stylists must be ready to give their opinion on it. They must invest time in each client and give them ample attention.

Excellent Line of Products

People like to know what products are being used on them. Make sure not to cut costs on your products. Your clients would be pleased to know that quality products are being used on them. Your staff should be well-versed in each product and be able to discuss it with a customer when asked.

Some people are very particular with a product’s components. Also, more people are being drawn to organic products. So, be sure to consider using these products in your salon. A good pitch on the products used could also generate extra sales. A client could purchase a product to be tried personally at home.

One-of-a-Kind Experience

Customers who receive total treatment would come back for more. A customer’s experience starts with her appointment with your salon. To cut on waiting time, go for online bookings. Once a customer comes in, offer her something special like soda or sparkling water.

Once her appointment is done, your staff could offer a free head massage. Small things like these go a long way for clients to feel pampered.
You can always do your marketing strategies on different social media platforms. But, that would only attract people to come in for the first time. What would gain their patronage is what they would experience inside your salon. Make sure that they are always given a pampering fit for royalty.

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