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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Why Putting Mirrors in Your Kitchen Is a Good Call

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The kitchen is considered to be one of the most important parts of the house. It is the place after all, where you store all your essentials, and quite possibly all the solutions to all your life problems — food. So, it would be no surprise if you want your kitchen to look fantastic by doing a little touch-up and do a little kitchen remodeling in Fort Wayne.

But should you choose to do some major or minor changes to upgrade the look of your kitchen, it is important that you are guided with the necessary knowledge needed on the proper design and furniture that would not only look dashing on your kitchen but also appropriate and perfectly blended.

One little but helpful piece of furniture to place on your kitchen is a mirror. It has been proven that placing mirrors on your kitchen actually convinces your mind into eating healthier food. The trick now is where to strategically place the mirrors in order for them to do their magic.

And here are a few suggestions on where to properly place them around your kitchen:

1. Place the mirror behind a hob.

Strategically placing reflective surfaces on your kitchen area does not only boost and improve the design in many ways that you did not even think of. For instance, placing one mirror behind a hob could give you more eyes around the kitchen.

A mirror behind a hob could help you keep an eye on running children, or pots cooking at a distance, or continue chatting with your friends without having to worry whether the food you are cooking is already burning. Mirrors are also helpful in reflecting light, therefore, placing them in your kitchen could give off a more open, outdoors, and bright atmosphere.

2. Choose which mirror fits your kitchen the best.

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Of course, while mirrors all basically are created for the same purpose — reflect light and reveal the unseen, there are still variations on how they look. And choosing the right one to place in your kitchen (not only for strategic purposes but for visuals too) is extremely crucial and important.

For a traditional kitchen for instance, where the materials used are designed to make your kitchen look more vintage with the use of bricks and other antiqued designs, the best option is to complement that vibe with a tinted mirror.

Tinted mirrors also have their own variations of colors, such as smoke-colored tinted glass or bronze, which you could choose from depending on which fits your kitchen design the best.

3. Mirrors could work on your cabinets too.

Consider putting mirrors on your kitchen cabinets. This type of design is not a new one since a lot of people actually apply this nowadays, and for a very good reason.

Mirrored cabinets provide a maximum reflection on its eye-level position which beautifully complements the vibe of a spacious kitchen area, with a bright, enthusiastic, ambiance.

Also, putting mirrored cabinets may just be the right solution for you if you have trouble keeping your cupboards, plates, and other kitchen utensils clean. The visitors would not need to know anyway!

Reflective surfaces on your hob to multi-task, put them on reachable places to give off an outdoor vibe, and knowing the right mirrors that complement your current kitchen area are only a few ideas on how to maximize mirror designs in your kitchen!


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