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A Shortlist of the More Modern Selections of Minimalist Homes

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The minimalist lifestyle is taking the world by storm. However, there are those who have chosen taking it a step further than just clearing out closets and are now downsizing their homes. Acquiring or building a minimalist residence is, therefore, the key for these revolutionary thinkers. Here are some of their latest but still most basic small housing options:

Converted Vans or Buses

Similar to RVs and trailers, these converted vehicles can be personalised to accommodate the needs of a full family with children. If you’re working with a limited budget, why not make the renovations yourself? Others have even managed do-it-yourself versions even made a business out of it. When buying your construction materials, ask the sellers about the best plywood interior, portable toilets, and plumbing connections for your conversion project. Also, there are DIY videos on the Internet that can you can take pointers from.

Granny Flats or Shed Sets

There are now a number of construction companies that offer their ready-made shed sets to function as small houses or granny flats. These structures usually take a day or so to put up and include every necessary living space such as the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Also, you may have to customise your own space-saving furniture for it. Ask your shed manufacturer if they can make it for you and have it installed in your new micro-home. This choice may not be as mobile as a converted van or bus, but it can be easily placed on a truck bed and transferred to a new location.

Modular Housing

Modular house with orange accentThis option has been around for quite some time since construction companies have utilised these versatile freight receptacles as onsite offices. However, the residential industry has caught on by using these huge metal vessels as actual housing options. Modular home companies can redesign these freight containers to comfortably fit a family of four or even more. They can also be stacked one on top of the other to create a multi-story structure. Just like the first two choices, these houses can also be personalised to fit your family’s requirements.


Once a choice that’s reserved for pensioners and seniors, there are now families who are enjoying true sea life on a houseboat. These small yachts or sailboats are already outfitted with kitchens, lavatories, storage, and sleeping quarters, so there’s not too much to add or change. Of course, there would be more adjustments and learning needed for you and your household to get used to living on a ship. However, you can easily learn these skills, strategies, and lessons from other experienced sailing families. These sailors have close-knit communities and are normally very willing to assist others. Look up these groups online before you buy a boat so that they can guide you on that, too.

You may be a former renter of high-end homes who feel that you should cut down on your payables, or you want a more sustainable but mobile lifestyle. Either way, knowing the most modern choices of minimalist residences can help you choose beyond the typical RV or trailer home. It can also open up new opportunities to gain new friends, experiences, and skills. The truth is that with the right choices, your new minimalist home can actually open up an expansive new life for you and your family.

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