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Packing, Storage, and Moving Tips to Get You Going

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You pack up the life and leave everything else behind for a new job—easier said than done. If you don’t feel a sense of panic, then you’re probably suppressing it. A cross-continent move is even more stressful, and it requires longer preparation. How do you prepare?

Task list priority: packing professionally

Two months before the workers of your hired moving van line arrive, you have to start packing boxes and bags that will be transported to your new apartment. It will cost a few hundred dollars to hire professional packers. Most packing teams are paid by the hour per person. The national flat-rate may be different in your area. If you cannot spare money for a professional team to wrap things up, you’d better take the task seriously. Packing is not as simple as stuffing items in a box and then wrapping it with a colorful bow. You have to think about how to wrap and secure certain items. You must purchase the right size and number of boxes. Then, there’s proper sealing and labeling to protect the items within. You’re the best person to do the job, but it takes time and planning. Packing household and personal items requires an astute mind and efficient hands.

A storage unit for things you don’t need to take with you

A storage company should have ample space for the stuff that you cannot take with you but will not throw away as well. You can entrust personal belongings to a reputable company, but you’d better take your time to find one that suits the requirements. An online storage unit finder can help you get started.

For personal and household items that you’ve decided to store, book a unit after securing a storage company with positive reviews. Do not settle for the cheapest unit available, and do not put this task aside. Choosing a storage space at the last minute could prove to be a disaster.

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In addition, make sure that nothing of major value will be included in the items for storage. Valuable items should remain with you or be stored in a secure vault. Take a careful inventory of the items for storage and choose wisely whom to entrust the access codes. You have to share it with someone. This is another important self-storage guideline, but don’t give it away to someone you’ve just met.

General moving advice

If you are leaving the state and moving to the other side of the country, don’t allow yourself to feel overwhelmed. The sensation of rising panic could cloud your judgment. Instead of wallowing in the emotion, get busy being organized especially if only a few friends and coworkers can help you with the preparations. Delegate tasks they are willing to perform and never shy away from assistance offered.

It’s better to prepare months before so that you have time to check the task list periodically and work on backlogs. On the day of the move, you should be ready to set sail to the horizon. Don’t let sad goodbyes dim the excitement of starting a new life in a new place. Have a good night’s sleep the night before and greet the moving day with optimism and hope.

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