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Picking a Commercial Door that Serves a Purpose

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With so many choices available on the market, picking out the right door type for your business can be confusing. Budget, traffic demand, and weather conditions are just some things that you need to consider when you are choosing from a wide range of commercial door systems. To make sure that you get one that suits your needs, you have to do a little research. Get started with this list of in-demand commercial doors:

Rapid Doors

Since they can operate in maximum efficiency and handle high-volume traffic, rapid doors are ideal for warehouses, manufacturing plants, and distribution centres. You can choose from different door styles with various speed options. The most common types of rapid doors are high-speed folding doors and rolling doors.

Roller Shutters

Secure the exterior access points of your property with roller shutter doors. Available in different designs and colours, roller shutters improve the curb appeal of your building. This door type is typically made from industrial-grade aluminium steel. It is operated either manually or automatically by rolling the slats up or down. The benefits of using roller shutters in a commercial or industrial setting include low-maintenance and space-saving qualities. Also, roller shutters are sealed to the floor when closed, ensuring maximum security.

Sectional Doors

Available in a diverse range of unique designs, sectional doors are a perfect match to your building’s exterior architecture. They are compact and require minimal maintenance. Insulated or glass panels are among your design options. The former is for commercial and industrial operations that require reliability and thermal efficiency. Glass panels, on the other hand, provide security and aesthetic value.

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Insulated Doors

For optimum thermal resistance, insulated doors are your best option. They are heavy-duty, designed to withstand harsh environments. Whether it is for a cold room, sauna or other temperature-controlled areas, there is an insulated door type that meets your requirements. For instance, corrosion-resistant swing doors work great for supermarkets and hospitals, while insulated rapid doors are ideal for loading docks and coolrooms.

Strip Doors/Curtains

Cost-efficient, versatile, and durable, strip doors are used for a variety of applications. They effectively work as partitions, control environmental nuisances and help insulate rooms. Strip doors come in transparent as well as coloured PVC strips. The type of strip door that you need depends on where you will install it. If you are placing the strip doors in a high-traffic area and visibility and better workflow are your priorities, then opt for clear PVC strips.

Deciding on which commercial door to purchase should be a breeze if you know what you need and are aware of the options that you have. Do you need a commercial door for interior or exterior application? What is the estimated foot traffic? Would you require a standard, non-insulated door or a thermal one? How much is your budget? These are just some of the questions that might help you in selecting a commercial door for your needs. You can also consult a reliable doorway and barrier solutions provider near you.

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