Protect Your Roof From Damages with These 5 Tricks

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In any house or building, the roof is among the most critical components when it comes to protecting the occupants from the elements like rain, snow, and sun. Accordingly, the roof is also among the most exposed to such elements that lead to normal wear and tear and damages. When left unfixed, small damage to any of the roofing components could get worse and lead to irreparable damages and costly repairs.

Fortunately, there are things that you can do as a property owner to ensure that things won’t go south when it comes to your roof. Here are five simple ways on how you can protect your roof from damages:

Install leaf gutter protection

Leaves and other debris are among the biggest enemies of any gutter or roof system. Over time, accumulated debris could impede rainwater flow from the roof and away from the building foundation. Stagnant water could also be fertile grounds for mosquitoes and eventually, diseases. Moreover, such debris buildup could cause permanent damage to the gutter system. You can prevent such disasters from happening by installing modern leaf lock gutter protection that prevents leave and debris accumulation while allowing water and snow to flow or slide away from the roof and gutter.

Perform periodic gutter/roof cleaning

Aside from just installing gutter protection, you should also do periodic cleaning of your roof and gutters. Ideally, you should do a general cleanup during spring and before any storm. By removing anything that shouldn’t be sitting on your roof and gutter (like leaves, twigs, and soil), you can expect an unimpeded flow of rainwater to prevent flooding and structural damages to your home or building.

Trim/prune nearby trees

If you have a large tree nearby, it would be in your best interest to do regular trimming and pruning. This simple preventive maintenance can lessen the chances of branches breaking during a storm and then causing damages to your gutter and roof. You could also limit the volume of leaves and small branches that accumulate on your roof, thus making your roof maintenance job a lot easier.

RoofDo regular repairs on your roof and gutters

Missing or damaged shingles, beat up gutters and downspouts – these are just some of the common problems that you have to deal with immediately. Most of these preventive maintenance jobs can be done DIY-style, especially if you have the skills and tools needed. However, you should leave everything to professional roofing experts if you don’t have the expertise and appropriate tools to perform these tasks on your own.

Weather-proof your roof regularly

Before an impending storm, you should call in the professionals to reinforce your roof and install restraints to prevent it from damages caused by strong winds. In winter, you should also employ the help of expert snow removal personnel to clear your roof of snow deposits to prevent costly damages and potential life-threatening cave-in.

Making sure that your roof is always in great condition is your job as a property owner. By doing your part, you can ensure the safety of every occupant and avoid repairs and damages that could compromise your budget.

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