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Save Your Home’s Foundation: 4 Ways to Stop Structural Damage

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Structural damage is something that can start the major destruction of your home. The foundation and structure, after all, keep the home upright and is a main factor contributing to the longevity of the entire building. If you want your house to last long, you need to do everything you can to prevent structural damage.

With that in mind, Double T. Inc sites the following tips that will be able to help homeowners avoid any major damage to the structure and foundation of their homes:

1. Install a rain gutter on your roof

It might seem like such a small addition, but rain gutters actually redirect rainfall away from the soil where the foundation of your house is — as well as away from the interiors of your house.

It ensures that there will be less water there will be fewer chances of rainwater causing structural issues to the foundation or walls of the house. Reach out to a rain gutter contractor in Salt Lake City. It will enable you to prevent the onset of structural and foundation damage to your property.

2. Redesign your garden and do sloped landscaping

Have you heard of sloped landscaping? Apart from giving your home the illusion of being atop a hill, landscaping a slope is beneficial in keeping your home protected from foundation damage.

As you need to limit the foundation’s exposure to water, one strategy that you can do would be to have a sloping garden. The sloped landscape should, similar to the function of rain gutters, redirect rainwater away from the house so that there will be less water in the soil.

3. Invest in a good drainage system

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As already mentioned above, you need to control the water flow during the rains. This is the main thing that will prevent structural and foundation damage caused by water.

There are drains that you can put up in the garden or yard that will carry the rainwater away from your house. French drains, for example, are usually found underground. They can direct the water to the boundaries of the property.

4. Plant trees far from your house

Again, water is often the biggest risk that can endanger the structural integrity and the strength of your home’s foundation. However, roots have also become a big threat. When the roots of the trees expand, it can push into your home’s foundation, and you could just imagine the damage that can cause.

No, the solution to this is not to plant trees at all in your property. Trees offer many benefits to homeowners and the environment. It can even prevent floods — something that could even damage your property! The simple solution to this is to choose a spot far from your house to plant your trees.

The home’s foundation is sometimes one of the things homeowners overlook. Always remember, though, that even the smallest structural issue can cause your house to fall. You should never compromise on the strength and integrity of the building’s foundation.

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