Steel Shelving vs. Rivet Shelving

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There are a lot of shelving and storage solutions that you can choose from, depending on what you need to store and where you need to store it. With the many different styles, designs, and makes of shelving available, finding the best option for your business may be difficult.

Two of the most versatile types of shelving are steel shelves and rivet shelves. These two are considered industry standard options and have a number of uses.

Steel Shelving

Steel shelving is the most common and popular type of shelving available. This is because it is made of steel, a material that is inexpensive, robust, versatile, and durable. This kind of shelving can be purchased both new and used – no matter what state, it can still take the weight of whatever you need to put on it without collapsing. In most cases, steel shelving can look like a metal bookcase. You can have closed steel shelving and open steel shelving.

  • Closed steel shelving – Shelves that are surrounded by steel panels on all sides except the front to provide safety and stability.
  • Open steel shelving – There are no steel panels that enclose the shelf. This provides fast and easy access from all sides.

Steel shelves can either use clips or nuts and bolts. They can be adjustable, though they do require tools to modify. They are also easily customizable because you can install dividers and modular drawer systems. Because of this, steel shelves can be used in hospitals and offices, as well as warehouses. You can easily get high-quality steel shelving from a reputable steel rack supplier in the Philippines.

Rivet Shelving

Woman looking Rivet Shelving

Much like steel shelving, rivet shelving is durable and versatile. The frames are usually made of solid steel, while the shelves themselves are made from different materials, such as plywood, steel, or wire decking. This type of shelving can be assembled quickly and efficiently since it does not require bolts or clips. You don’t need to use any specialized tools to adjust these shelves – you just need a hammer or a screwdriver.

Rivet shelving can come in an array of sizes and is fairly affordable. It has a reinforced design so it is ideal for bulk storage of larger and heavier items, like the supplies, tools, and parts of the automotive industry. It can also be used for long-term record storage and bulk retail displays.

Which is Better?

Steel shelving and rivet shelving are both versatile shelving solutions that you could use. Which one you choose should depend on what you will put on it and how you will use it.

What is important to remember is that you store your items on your shelves securely, ensuring that it follows the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards for storage racks. No matter which one of the two you choose, you can be sure that these two types of shelves can create additional space for your space, whether it is a warehouse, an office, a hospital, or a shop.

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