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Top Qualities of a Comfortable Guest Room

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Do you enjoy having people in your home? Entertaining guests is a great social skill. You need to make them feel comfortable and welcome. Sleepovers take entertaining guests to the next level. Guest rooms spell the difference between a good night’s sleep and a miserable one. What qualifies for a good guest room?

Focus on Comfort

Some guests find it hard to acclimate to a different house. The best thing that you can do for them is to have an excellent mattress and soft pillows in your guest room. Along with this, pair it up with high-quality bed sets from a reputable store in New Zealand. Soft and fresh bedding, comforters, and pillowcases will help your guest wind down. They will have a treat and feel like they are in a luxurious hotel.

Also, do not forget to have a stash of bathroom essentials such as fluffy towels and toiletries. Some guests forget to bring their own. Make it known to them that they can get from the supplies in the room if they need it.

Make Things Neutral

You might want to let your personality show in every corner of your home. But it is best to keep things neutral in your guest rooms. Your style may not be the same as that of your house guest. Also, remember that these rooms may house different genders and ages. The aim is to provide them with a place where they can feel at home.

Thus, choose neutral styles in decorating walls and picking bed materials. But do not make it very impersonal, too. Strike a balance between being subtle and warm.

Provide Storage

Your guests will have their luggage and personal items. The quantity will depend on the length of their stay. Do not let them feel like a stranger by letting them get their clothing from their bags. Have a clean and empty closet ready for their clothes.

Also, have a drawer—and give them the key—for their valuables. Clean a space in the bathroom where they can set their toiletries. Have a small table where they can put their laptop if they need to use it.

Think Ahead of Night Routines

People have their night routines before drifting to sleep. Think of the most common ones and make sure that your guest room has these. Provide good reading materials that they can browse before lying on the bed. Writing materials and paper can also help them unload their thoughts.

You can also have a basket of spa items or scented candles in the bathroom. Some people need a warm bath to relax. Also, have a basket of healthy snacks. A pitcher of water or a teapot on the table is also a thoughtful gesture. Be a gracious host by thinking ahead of your guests’ needs.

Value Privacy

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Although it is your home, give your guests a sense of privacy. Practice the common etiquette of knocking before you come in. Do not barge in and think that it is your home. Also, do not go inside the room when they are not around.

It is a joy to have a catch-up with relatives and friends. Let them have an enjoyable stay by providing a comfortable guest room.

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