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Top Three Reasons Behind Office Back Pain

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If you sit and work in front of a computer for several hours a day, five days a week, you will likely experience a few office furniture-related pains and discomforts. Perhaps your chair is not giving you the support that you need, which can lead to developing an aching back. Or maybe your desk is a tad bit short for you, thus hurting your neck in the process.

If you think about it, inappropriate pieces of furniture are a problem that most working professionals face each day. These are also among the common reasons people feel work-related pain, too. Musculoskeletal disorders can happen to anyone as a result of a poorly positioned body. To prevent this from happening, know first the reasons people experience it, so you will know what to do about it.

Staying in the same position

Sitting in the same position for several hours can restrict your blood flow. That is why it is essential to shift your sitting position by walking around or merely standing up now and then. It applies with your eyes, too. You need to focus your attention on other objects every 20 minutes to prevent your eyes from getting strained.

Sinking back into the chair

Even sitting in those soft, deep chairs is not right for your back. So instead of choosing to sink yourself deep into your chair for hours, try your best to use the chair’s wooden frame for back support. This will prevent your pelvic muscles from tucking under your back. You should also be mindful at how you position your legs. You need to keep them more than 90 degrees to make you feel comfortable.

Using outdated furniture

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It is understandable for a company to be smart about expenses. However, neglecting to invest in new furniture could end up costing the company even more in the long run. That is why office refurbishment specialists suggest updating the office furniture occasionally to ensure that it will give your employees the right support that they need. There are now some pieces of furniture that are completely adjustable and can accommodate a user’s specific size and shape.

To know if you have the right type of chair, you need to look for one that has an adjustable height and easily reclines. Meanwhile, buying desks can be a bit tricky. Most tables are still outdated and have designs built especially for writing instead of typing. So, try to look for a table that has a keyboard tray designed with a negative slope. Doing so will help avoid straining people’s wrists while they are typing.

These are three common reasons people experience discomfort after several hours of working at the office. The primary key for preventing these mishaps is by practicing the right way to sit correctly. Be mindful of your chair position and learn how to sit the proper way. Doing so will ensure that you are not putting any unnecessary strain on your back and even help you with your posture.

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