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Why More Houses Are Getting Patios

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Patios are paved outdoor spaces that are oftentimes attached to one’s home. In Australia’s residential design codes, patios and verandahs are defined to include roofed structures to protect the area and the furniture in it from rain and sun. Patios are traditionally paved with stone slabs, concrete, bricks, tiles, or cobbles. But more modern designs use aluminum, glass, acrylic, and alumawood (aluminium manufactured to resemble wood).

When we talk about patios, we often picture out an area for lounging or snacking, but patios have other uses and advantages:

Increase Property Value

One of the immediate benefits of having a patio is that it can add value to your home should you ever decide to have your house put on the market to be sold. Apart from adding value, it also makes your house more attractive to potential buyers or real estate dealers. You’d find it much easier to negotiate better prices when people see that your home has a beautiful outside space that friends and family can enjoy. And whether or not you’re planning on selling your home, having a patio could simply boost the overall appeal of your home.

Extend Your Living Area

Roofed patios extend your home’s living area, especially during the summer. They help you and your family keep cool during the hotter months of the year when even air conditioning inside the house couldn’t stand against the heat. And even during rainy days, having a patio would prevent you from having to deal with the rain and mud of your lawn, as you have a sheltered space outside of your home, and just right before your lawn. Overall, it would help your property look and feel less bare and allow your family to have a covered outdoor area to hang out in.

Less Maintenance

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When it comes to cleaning and repairing, patios are relatively low-maintenance as they’re often made from hard materials that are built for the outside to withstand heat and rain. You can simply hose or pressure-wash your patio floor or easily cover or replace any cracked areas of the paved floor. Additionally, a patio takes up a considerable space of your lawn, which could be quite hard and cumbersome to maintain.

Grill and Cook Conveniently

Having a patio instead of just a bare lawn can also help your family out when it comes to cooking food that would entail a lot of smoke such as grilling, smoking, and barbequing. Patios are paved and roofed, allowing you to cook without having to deal with wet grass and mud during rainy seasons or suffering from sunburn and heat during hot days.

Health Benefits

Patios make it more welcoming to go out in the morning to soak in some sunlight and get some Vitamin D. Roofed patios are also excellent areas to exercise as they allow you to breathe in the fresh air and work out without being bothered by direct sunlight.

Patios are more than just extended living spaces for one’s house. As shown here, there are undoubtedly many advantages and benefits of having a patio, so why not have one of your home? You can make it as a DIY project, or you can take advantage of the numerous companies and businesses such as Stratco that offer patio installation with various designs that would suite your Brisbane home’s space, size, and style, as well as your budget.

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