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Why You Should Leave Carpet Cleaning to the Pros

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Carpets are expensive home furnishing pieces that you need to maintain and clean properly. Routine vacuuming keeps carpets clean since it removes dirt and dust from the top layers, but it still leaves plenty of dirt in areas the vacuum can’t reach.

These are germs, grime, allergens and contaminants that can soon accumulate and cause the family to get sick. This is why it is very important to get professional carpet cleaning services. In Provo and other areas in Utah, you can hire a cleaning team to handle residential or commercial carpet cleaning tasks.

Deep carpet cleaning removes surface dirt as well as embedded dust and grime. While it might sound like a simple task anyone can do, carpet cleaning should be done by professional cleaners to ensure that carpets are completely clean and remain damage free.

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaners are equipped with tools and products to remove deep-seated dirt and grime. Homeowners cannot achieve this type of cleaning on their own. A few carpet cleaners even come complete with truck-mounted hot water extraction to clean the carpets thoroughly.

No amount of scrubbing and vacuuming can give the same effect. Professionals utilize a combination of pressurized hot water, chemical-free cleaning agents, and quick extraction process to eliminate all contaminants, germs, and allergens that are trapped in the deepest part of these carpets.

Carpet cleaner vacuuming a carpetIn most cases, carpet cleaners also provide and apply stain protection treatment to keep carpets spotless for longer. One of the best benefits of calling the pros for carpet cleaning is the rapid hot water extraction system. This allows quick cleaning and leaves the carpet with as little water as possible.

Carpets should not be saturated with water because it delays drying. The longer the carpet stays wet, the more prone it will be to mold and mildew. Carpets cleaned by professionals can dry up in as little as 12 hours. Some also offer speed-drying process to dry up carpets even faster.

Professional carpet cleaners are also able to remove the toughest stains such as wine or cola spills. They can also remove unpleasant odors that usually linger after spills and accidents. This is ideal for pet owners, too. If not properly handled, stains can make carpets more vulnerable to damage.

Besides carpet cleaning, professional cleaners are also experts at rug cleaning. Like carpets, rugs are also expensive furnishing and are vulnerable to damage if not properly cleaned. Apart from that, you put your family at risk as dirt and grime left in fabrics can cause health hazards and bacteria in the air.

Professional carpet cleaners give homeowners the option for on-site and off-site cleaning. They can pick up carpets and rugs, clean them up and reinstall them. They can also service homes with spacious areas for cleaning and apply the speed-drying process to complete the cleaning within the day.

The best thing about calling the pros for carpet cleaning is that you get guaranteed clean carpets and rugs without any damage, and with additional stain protection. As a plus, you keep your family safe and healthy too.

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