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Wood and Vinyl Flooring Get a Modern Upgrade

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Flooring design is catching up with modern technology. The floors have yet to be incorporated into smart technology, but the colors, textures, and prints have gone beyond using traditional materials.

Flooring specialists in Orange County, CA, for instance, are now more innovative. For example, wooden floors have been aged and roughed up for a different texture. There are also softer carpets and printed luxury vinyl floors, which create a different character and add a different look to modern homes.

What is New with Vinyl Prints?

The concept of luxury vinyl had big help from the printing technology. Innovative photo technology allows manufacturers to transfer images onto vinyl tiles. Homeowners can have vinyl tiles with prints of wooden floors, for example. Here, visitors will see wooden flooring, and it would take a closer inspection to see that the design is actually a print. Wooden prints are popular because these images go well with the floor.

Vinyl flooring with wooden prints also offers a lot of advantages. For one, it is much softer underfoot compared to real hardwood. This is especially beneficial for the kitchen, where homeowners spend a lot of time standing while preparing food. This feature also comes in handy in case you drop glass items in the kitchen.

Vinyl floor tiles are also very easy to install. It is still recommended though that you hire experts for this to make sure that the vinyl adheres well and that there will be no seams in your floor. Take note that if you have seams, water can seep under the floor. Vinyl floors, if installed and maintained properly, can last 15 years or longer. Maintain your flooring by simply sweeping and using regular cleaning products. You can also use a vinyl floor wax to restore your flooring’s gloss coating.

Additionally, the technology is not limited to printing images of the wood grain. The homeowner can choose a seldom available color for the print. Or it can be a photograph of the desert floor or the ocean waves. With this technology, there is an infinite number of images available for printing the floor. This wide variety of options for colors and designs will let you customize your kitchen, for instance, with your personality.

Adding Character to Old and New Wood

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Technology has also caught up with wooden floors. Builders repurpose wooden planks from old homes and structures to create modern flooring. This results in a wooden floor with character and visible signs of aging.

However, innovations have also stepped in with the use of new wood. Floors with wooden planks are given a new treatment to make them look older. These are roughed up to make them look like they have been lived in and in use for a long time.

Flooring technology is definitely moving forward, thanks to modern techniques and design. Traditional materials like wood and vinyl are given an upgrade and a fresh twist to match different personalities and preferences of homeowners. These innovations have resulted in renewed interest in flooring materials, which are inexpensive and readily available.

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