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You, Your Property Line, and Your Neighbors: What You Should Know

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When you’ve finally bought a piece of land, there are some things you to deal with. One of those is how to properly mark your property line. Your property line is the limit of the land you own and you need to know where it is before you start developing your property. Doing it correctly ensures that there will be no disputes or disagreements with your neighbors in the future.

Here are some important things that you need to know:

Do the Surveying

A survey is a study of your property. It is usually a sketch of your land that sets out exactly where your property line should be. If you’re buying the property from someone else, they most likely have the original survey of the land in their possession. You’re going to need that. You can also do an updated survey but you’ll still need a copy of the previous one to prove that the property line you set is the real one.

The survey copy is also available at the local Land Registry Office. If there have been major changes to the land, such as a major development, you will need to pay a surveyor to update the survey.

Find the Property Boundaries

When you’ve taken possession of the property, you should also find the boundaries. Usually, these are done via underground or above-ground pegs. Underground stakes are usually metal and are buried around four to five feet under the ground. Rent a metal detector to find these pegs and confirm the boundary.

For stakes that are found above the ground, these are usually metal posts. They are around one to two feet tall and have an orange cloth attached to them. If you plan to put up your own boundary, do something similar.

Build a Fence

house metal fence with brick columns

For some people, the best way to ensure the sanctity and privacy of their property is by building a fence around it. It is easy enough to find a fence company in Tampa and other areas. The problem is that it can be very impolite to just start building a fence. It may be your property, but the fence will be on the boundary and you share it with your neighbor. They may also have an idea of what they want to do on their side of the property line.

That is why you need to talk to them first about your plans for the fence. If your fence will be hitting multiple borders, you need to talk to a lot of people. Note that you need to do this face-to-face. This is because you need to clarify what type of fence you want to build and where you will be building it. Discussing these details is essential if you want your neighbor to not contest the fence or even help you build it.

Property ownership is important and marking out what is yours is essential when it comes to future development. Work with your neighbors so that you have a clear idea of where your property begins and ends. This will help avoid confusion in the long run.


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