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4 Ways to Control Weed Infestation

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Weed can be a huge problem to any lawn. Even the best-tended gardens can be prone to weed infestation. Weed seeds promulgate through the wind, which makes it easier to spread and claim your lawn. Luckily, there are landscaping lawn care tips to help you grow a thicker lawn.

To understand your enemy, you must first understand its character and how it spreads. Soon after, you’ll quickly know how to get rid of them. To help you get started, we’ll discuss a few effective strategies to apply weed control and reduce their infestation.

1. Mow it at the right cutting height

Every type of grass has its ideal cutting height to ensure good health as well as promote better growth. Family Handyman suggests that longer grass helps prevent weed growth in various ways.

Taller growth provides shades on the ground. Thus, keeping the temperature cooler and affects the germination of weed seeds. Once the lawn weed seeds start to grow, the seedlings won’t have as much sunlight to help them grow.

It’s also essential to know the best time to mow your lawn. Depending on the weather condition, you must mow your grass when the plants need it. It can mean mowing it each week, or at least every four to five days. Monitoring the height of the grass means that you’ll also be able to clip off the weed seed heads, preventing it to seed your lawn.

2. Help thicken your lawn

Although preventing weed infestation is almost impossible, you can avoid it by using turf grasses’ growth season. Bear in mind that the best way to the fight is through a lush lawn.

You can start by getting your grass healthy before applying any weed control chemicals. Today’s Homeowners suggest growing your lawn in an enclosed area, so you can ensure that you’re only growing grass. Keeping it a small space at first makes it more attractive instead of having a vast yet thin lawn filled with weeds.

3. Identify the weeds

Now that you’ve thickened your lawn, it’s now time to identify the weeds in your commercial garden. Before you start planning how to eradicate those weed, it’s best to know which one you’re trying to control. Bear in mind that each grass requires a specific product and application method to manage its growth correctly. Also, some of the remedies need you to follow specific instructions. Meanwhile, others need to get completed during the weed’s growing season.

4. Use mulch to control its growth.

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Instead of trying to eradicate the weeds, try mulching the shady areas instead. Poor access to natural light as well as soil conditions makes it challenging growing grass in specific areas. Instead of using chemicals to fight off the weed growth, it’s better to use stone, mulch, and other ground cover plants instead.

Getting rid of those pesky weeds can be difficult. But with enough help from professionals, you can control their growth before it even gets worse. You should hire landscaping professional that knows a lot about lawn maintenance. Doing so will ensure that you’ll get the right support that your commercial landscape needs.

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