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How to Find the Perfect Dishwasher

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Dishwashers today are packed with advanced features that get the job done while consuming less energy and water than dishwashers developed in the past. With many available options, however, how can you possibly pick one? Below is a quick guide on choosing the most suitable dishwasher based on your budget and specific requirements.

The Types of Dishwashers and Their Cost

In general, built-dishwashers hooked up to your plumbing and water system come in four categories, which include the following:

  • Under-the-counter Budget Dishwashers – These dishwashers are workhorses that get the job done. They’re plain and simple, and they cost between $300 and $500.
  • Under-the-counter Premium Dishwashers – These include features that prioritize convenience and comfort, such as extra wash cycles, concealed control panels, improved noise reduction, wall jets for extra water coverage, special wash zones, Wi-Fi for remote access, and a special option for bottle washing. These cost $800 up to $1,600.
  • Under-the-Sink Dishwashers – These maximize kitchen space, as they’re developed to perfectly fit around the plumbing of your sink. They have the same features as budget dishwashers, but are pricier (about $800) due to their compact nature.
  • Drawer Dishwashers – These are perfect for pullout drawers and lower cabinets, which make them easy to use than traditional dishwashers. They come in double and single drawer configurations. Single drawers cost about $650, while double drawers cost about $1,000.

Dishwasher Features You Need to Have

Woman getting plates from the dishwasherThe features and functions that will be of most value to you should improve convenience and performance without having to rack up your utility bills. Experienced appliance installation and repair technicians in Utah recommends looking out for these features:

  • Advanced Water Filtration – This optimizes the cleaning function by eliminating particles of food from the water.
  • Soil Sensors – These increase the efficiency of the dishwasher by automatically regulating every washing cycle according to the dirtiness of the dishes for each wash cycle.
  • Eco-Wash – Also known as short washing cycles, it helps reduce the energy and time needed for washing dishes.
  • Smart Water Jets – These utilize strategically positioned high-efficiency spray nozzles for increasing the washing power of the dishwasher without having to increase water use.
  • Flexible and Extra Racks – These include special baskets that make cleaning smaller items (like utensils) easier. Some dishwashers have a third rack for miscellaneous items.
  • Special Cleaning Zones – These are perfect for washing significantly soiled dishes and cookware without having to increase the energy required for cleaning items that are not inside the special zones.
  • Noise-Reducing Technologies – These effectively reduce noise when the dishwasher is in use.
  • Energy Efficiency – Newer dishwasher units can lower water use up to 23% and energy use up to 14%, compared to older dishwasher models.

Choosing the most appropriate dishwasher can be overwhelming, but sticking to a price range and choosing features and functions that you need will help narrow down your choices. Put simply, when purchasing a dishwasher, find a specific model that offers the right combo of price, performance, and features.

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