Basement Remodelling

What to Remember When Remodeling Your Basement

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Adding a new room to your home can get expensive. You also have to prepare certain requirements, such as permits and licenses, which can be quite difficult to obtain. Nevertheless, you still want to do it.

You’re in luck because there are ways to do so without blowing your budget. How? By having your basement remodeled and renovated instead of building a new room from scratch.

While that’s good and all, there are things you should remember. Whether you’re looking to add specific features or would just want to make the room look nice and decent, you should still follow the tips below to make sure that your basement remodeling in Kansas City, MO will be a huge success.

Work on the Water Problems

The first thing you should work on is the water problems. Basements are prone to this since they’re located underneath your home. Even if your basement has no problems with flooding, dampness, mildew, or mold, it’s still wise to talk to a local home inspector and have them check your basement. It would be best to be sure about this than to deal with it while the project is ongoing.

Talk to Someone Regarding the Basement Design

If you consider yourself a whiz in basement design, then you most probably can do the designing on your own. However, if you have no idea what your basement should look like after the remodel, then consult a designer before starting the project.

Regretting your decisions and trying to fix the problem after everything is done can be expensive and would add up to your total costs. Be sure you have the right design before pushing through the project.

Think About the Air Circulation

If your home and basement were both built years ago, then chances are the air circulation inside your basement is not that great. Having it remodeled will give you the chance to add a few vents and air ducts so the air circulation will be a lot better.

Add a return air duct, but make sure that it will be far from the furnace. Having it close to the furnace is dangerous, as it may suck the exhaust fumes back into your house, which can put you at risk.

Make the Most of Natural Lighting

If you want your basement to look inviting and spacious, then you should think about adding a few more windows. Large windows are actually a great option, as these can be an alternate escape route in case of emergency. If you’re scared about thieves going into your home, then install glass bricks just to be sure.

Another way to let natural light in is to dig window wells. However, this can increase the possibility of water problems, which is why it would be wise to build ones with waterproof covers.

Always talk to your basement contractor and ask for their suggestions regarding the renovation to make sure that everything will go as planned. Have a safe and enjoyable basement renovation!


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