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Add Antique Elements to Your Modern Home

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Antiques can give your home a sense of extravagance and timelessness. Mixing old elements with new architecture gives your house a unique feel and a certain charm.

Add Warmth and Elegance

Literal warmth. A stone fireplace mantel from a company like Authentic Provence is an excellent addition to your living room or in any other place where you can entertain guests. The traditional design of stone fireplace mantels adds a sense of being grounded, giving your house and family a feeling of belonging. A stone fireplace can set the mood for quiet talks, family gatherings, or upbeat parties. You can even substitute a gas burner for wood for more efficiency. Gas is a greener and cheaper alternative to wood and by adding fireglass; your fireplace becomes a dazzling centerpiece.

Enjoy Rustic Dinners

Wooden dining tables give every mealtime a touch of tradition. Dark wood tables are usually large enough to accommodate six people, so your family can eat together every time. Wooden tables will usually last generations, and even your grandchildren’s grandchildren can have memories of gathering around the family table to have a sumptuous meal. Custom glass can be added to the table without ruining or changing the table’s design. A glass sheet can be cut to fit perfectly over the table, making it easier to clean and adding a smoother surface.

 Light Up the Room with Class

Antique furniture

Chandeliers give any room an aura of extravagance and class. Light reflecting on beautiful crystals is an enchanting sight, sure to bring wonder to your friends and loved ones. Chandeliers immediately give a room the semblance of grandiose elegance and a clear mark of opulence. Chandeliers can be updated to modern standards quite easily by replacing candles with LEDs or similar electric fixtures. Certain lighting fixtures can even change colors, giving you more control over the desired light and mood in the room. Entertaining guests is brought to a whole new level, especially with custom lights to match every occasion.

Time for Old-fashioned Clocks

Antique-style floor clocks or grandfather clocks do more than just tell the time. They are exquisite art pieces that bring elegance and sophistication to any room. They exude a feeling of seriousness and dignity, perfect for a reading room or study. The sounds of floor clocks can be distinct and memorable, but you can also do away with them if you so choose. Wooden floor clocks are still the best choice as more contemporary designs don’t have as much impact or character.

Fill Your House with Spirits

The superstitious often view antiques as vessels for spirits. In the case of antique cupboards and cabinets, you can indeed use them to hold your spirits—alcohol at that. Antique cupboards and cabinets are great places to display your collection of spirits. Wood makes a good backdrop to the different types of alcohol that come in distinct bottles. Just make sure to keep it locked to ensure that nobody gets into your stash without your permission.

Mixing the old and new creates new design possibilities and helps you get the best of both worlds. Carefully planned antique additions can make your home warmer, dignified, and luxurious.

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