The Telltale Signs That Show That it’s Time to Upgrade Your Windows

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Many homeowners commit a grave mistake of ignoring their windows until it’s too late. Most of them tend to focus on other parts of their house only to find out that their windows are on the brink of complete deterioration. Although they rarely have to deal with for decades, the issue usually shows up at the most inconvenient time.

This is why it can totally ruin the level of comfort they’re enjoying in their sweet abode. That’s why to save homeowners from this disaster, a group of highly reputable window companies in Salt Lake City shared a few things to help people identify when it is time to replace them.

Creaky Windows

Do you hear weird creaky sounds whenever you open or close your windows? Chances are there might be missing screws or the hinges are loose. For this, a quick repair job might help mediate the problem. However, if the problem still persists, you’re left with only one option but to change everything.

Decaying Frames

One of the obvious signs the windows needs an update is there are signs of rust or decay on the frame. It is not surprising considering that these part of the house is often exposed to various weather conditions, such as rain, snow, wind, and heat. Due to this, their integral structure may slowly fall apart. For that, it is to be expected that people have to replace them afterwards.

For metal windows, the most apparent sign is when you notice rust. One other indicator is the presence of water stains on the wall. If you have a wood window, it’s easy to tell if they need replacement. If the material starts rotting away or disintegrating, the best thing to do is to totally replace everything. Another sign you must watch out for is pest infestation.

Level of Noise

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Windows provide a soundproofing ability, giving you more privacy and peaceful time when inside. However, if you start hearing foreign sounds that are not supposed to be there, it’s very likely that your windows are the culprit. Although this can be easily resolved by sealing gaps or tightening the hinges and screws, if the problem continues to show up, you are left with one option, which is to completely change them into a new set.

It is Unusually Cold and Hot

During the summer, does it feel hotter during summer and colder during summer than it usually is? Even after tuning the cooling and heating system, the temperature seems to be not adjusting at all? There are three reasons why this is happening. Aside from HVAC and insulation, your doors and windows can be the culprit.

As soon as you start feeling changes with the overall temperature of your home, it’s a red flag and you need to consider updating them. When you start seeing any of these signs, be sure you take action immediately. Don’t wait until it’s too late to take action because it will bring inconvenience to you and your family. In addition, make sure you regularly inspect your windows for any issues so you could fix them instantly.

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