An Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Perfect Designer Staircase

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The design of the staircase affects the appearance and safety of your property. So it is important to consider several elements before making your final decision. Because it is a sizable investment, selecting the right staircase should be made with utmost precision.

If you are planning to purchase a steel staircase, keep these essential attributes in mind to make a smart decision.

The Safety of the Staircase

The safety of your workers and customers are a priority.  It is not something you should compromise in the name of cost-effectiveness or appearance. Moreover, existing building and construction regulations mandate the proper staircase width to reduce risks in commercial premises. Staircases with small steps are prone to missteps. Consider staircases with railings, as well.

When safety is concerned, spiral staircases have been rated as one of the best. The continuous flights of steps prevent a person from falling too far.

The Design of the Staircase

Beautiful staircase

There are several design choices for staircases, so you will certainly find a staircase that complements your existing interiors and maximises space. Some of the existing models include but are not limited to:

  • Half-turned staircase
  • Straight staircase
  • Spiral staircase

Among these selections, the spiral design occupies the least space, so it is the best choice for commercial establishments with limited space. Moreover, it makes for an excellent and stunning design piece. Apart from serving a functional purpose, a spiral staircase improves the appearance of your commercial premises.

The Materials

Commercial staircases come in a wide variety of materials, ranging from steel to timber to concrete.

While there are countless conventional and quick options, it pays to invest in designer staircases or ones that are tailored to your space. You enjoy superior craftsmanship and choose the materials that can withstand the local climate and environmental conditions in your premises. Moreover, you can receive professional advice from seasoned craftsmen.

You can conduct in-depth research to get precise details on which material is well-suited for your preferred staircase design. Take spiral staircases, for instance. They look and function well when they are made from high-quality timber and aluminium. This combination creates a sophisticated atmosphere that draws the attention of clients.

The Space of the Building

In most commercial buildings, space is a limiting factor. The space allotted for the staircase will affect its design and build, which is why you have to keep space in mind when choosing.

It is advisable to choose a staircase that will not take up much space, like a spiral staircase. This gives you more room for equipment and the mobility of your employees. If space is not an issue, you can freely choose designs that occupy a large area, like splayed flight stairs or right angle stairs.

Staircases are important functional and design components, especially in buildings with multiple storeys. However, buyers need to be considerate of the design and materials, since such will impact the look and function of the building. Following this guide will help you make a reasonable, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing choice.

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