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Spotting the Early Signs of Pest Infestation (Before they Spot you)

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Pest infestation is definitely one of the most crucial struggles that every homeowner could face. After all, pests could bring some serious damage to your house, and at the same time affect how comfortably you live in your home. Here are the quickest ways to determine if your house has been infested:

Droppings or Urine Trails

One of the most common indicators of a pest infestation are pest droppings. It is important to check different parts of your house for any signs of urine trails or fecal droppings. Rats’ trails usually take in the shape of a cone and are usually bigger and much easier to identify.

However, insect droppings are smaller and could be mistaken as dirt or mud at first glance. Make sure to check every nook and corner of your house – especially those areas that people rarely go to – such as the attic, basement, and even the small spaces in between your furniture.

Pests are more likely to hide where most people wouldn’t look.

Foul Smells

You’re likely to have a pest infestation when you start to smell strange odors around your house. For instance, when you start to smell rotten food or stale food, then there’s a high chance that there are pests looming in the area.

Rodents, especially rats, have the habit of stealing food from your leftovers and stock them inside their hideouts. These bits of food would then rot after being stored in the corners of the house for too long and would start to smell.

There are also distinct smells that are left by pests, especially when they begin to dry on the walls that could lead to unpleasant smell in your house.

Damaged Property

When you start to notice unusual bite marks on your wooden furniture, especially in the kitchen, then that is one of the earliest signs that you might have termites in your house. Finding the primary source of the termites would be challenging to do on your own, so you would need help for termite treatment in Virginia Beach and to control it immediately before it’s too late.

Contrary to popular belief, termites actually have the capacity to eat more than wood – they are capable of destroying metal and plaster, and other similar materials just as quick, so it’s definitely seek immediate help.

Ants pestIndications of Nesting

Most of the time, rodents make their nests in darker places such as underneath the floor or even between the walls. Those are two typical areas for rodents but often taken for granted by humans. However, you can spot early signs of nesting despite them being made in such discreet places because the evidence is usually left in large amounts.

For example, rodents would make nests out of any type of materials, and these are usually leaves or worn-out paper. These are typically huge objects that you could easily identify.

While it may be fun to play detective and spray pesticides all over your house, there’s no guarantee that you’d be eliminating the pests entirely. Once again, if you start to find anything strange within your home, whether they’re bite marks on a furniture or the strange smell of stale bread – save yourself the time and seek immediate help before it’s too late.  

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