Doing Your Home-Work: A Guide to House Maintenance

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Homeownership brings many joys, from acting as your major step towards self-independence to becoming a haven for your family in the future. If appropriately maintained, it can reliably serve more generations of families in the years to come.

Unfortunately, no matter how much you may care for your house, deterioration is still inevitable in its lifetime. The best you can do is slow down its decay, mainly through constant monitoring for damages and immediate repair of sudden problems.

Another possible option is focusing your maintenance on the most important parts of your house. That will not only prolong your house’s life but also make it more comfortable to stay in. These are some of the aspects of your home that you should pay attention to.


Keeping your house foundation in good condition is essential if you want to minimize expensive home repairs. Your foundation is the main pillar of your home, literally and figuratively speaking. If it gets damaged, other parts of your home will also be affected.

Be alert for any signs of damage, commonly seen as cracks or grooves. That can indicate various issues, such as leaning or foundation sinking. Be careful when evaluating the damage, however, as cracks on the foundation can also mean a settling house.

If the cracks are from settling, foundation repair is as easy as leveling it and applying a sealing compound. For leaning or sinking foundations, a piering fix might be needed. Piering is a process where steel pipes are installed beside the old foundations to make them more stable.

Roof Matters

Your roof is one of the house elements most tend to neglect, which can cause it to develop numerous problems over time. Make sure to conduct roof maintenance regularly, especially during times of extreme weather, such as storms or hail.

You can only have a resilient roof if you hire reliable contractors. When installing a residential flat roofing system for your home in Michigan, employ the services of an expert roofing company. They can also assist you in maintaining and repairing your roof regularly.

Water problems can be one of the most pressing issues of your roof. Leaks should be resolved immediately to minimize water damage. One of its leading causes is poorly managed gutters. Always keep your gutters clean and debris-free, especially if you’re growing a garden.


If you enjoy landscaping, be careful of where you grow your plants. Avoid placing your garden too close to your home, as the errant roots might end up damaging your home foundation. Allow at least eight inches of distance between your garden and home.

If you have plants near your property, make sure to prune them regularly. During hot seasons, make sure to keep the soil around your home well-watered. Soil tends to contract as it dries out, which can lead to foundation strain if not resolved immediately.



Home renovation

The best way to keep your home interior undamaged is to keep it clean and tidy every day. Dirty homes can invite pests, one of the leading causes of home damage. Regular spring cleanings—at least once a month—are an excellent way to maintain home cleanliness.

A house is a home not only for the family but also for the memories they make inside it. Keep those memories alive by prolonging the lifespan of your home.

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