Spruce Up Your Home with Modern Farmhouse Decor

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The popularity of modern farmhouse-style homes skyrocketed these past few years. The interior design world is obsessed with its trademark combination of stylish and cozy. It is a trending style that most homeowners want to use in their homes. And for good reason. 

The modern farmhouse wall decor blends well with other famous interior design trends, such as rustic and industrial styles. It also has a casual yet pulled-together character that makes it perfect for any home. The combination of contemporary designs with traditional country elements creates a unique and stylish look. 

If you’re interested in adding a touch of modern farmhouse style to your home, there are a few easy ways.

What are the Elements of Modern Farmhouse Design?

A modern farmhouse style is a blend of modern and rustic design elements. The key to achieving this style is to mix traditional country elements with modern design elements.

Modern farmhouse-style houses also offer an inviting and cozy space for family and friends. They also tend to be more casual and relaxed than traditional farmhouses. 

If you want to duplicate the farmhouses you see on Pinterest, here are some modern farmhouse-style design elements to keep in mind. 

Comfortable Farmhouse Furniture

One critical element of a modern farmhouse style is the furniture. These fixtures should promote both comfort and style. They’re cozy but they look sleek and contemporary. There’s no room for overly ornate or frilly pieces in your home. Instead, look for furniture with a subtle decorative nature, embodied in the texture or material of the piece.

Use of Reclaimed Wood

Another way to achieve a modern-looking farmhouse style is to use reclaimed wood furniture. Pieces made from reclaimed wood have a rustic feel that adds to the overall farmhouse style of your home. You can also use metal or stone furnishing to achieve a similar look.

Farmhouse Decor

Modern farmhouse decor focuses on the use of natural and organic materials. Most of the materials used for this home decor are wood, stone, and metal. These pieces are often left unfinished or in their natural state to add to the farmhouse feel of the space.

Functionality and Simplicity

Modern farmhouse decor emphasizes functionality and simplicity. Most of the decor items serve multiple purposes without hampering the design of your home. Some homeowners also use vintage-inspired pieces to add a touch of character. Modern farmhouse decor ideas include reclaimed wood, wrought iron accents, and more. 

How do you Decorate a Modern Farmhouse?

Decorating a modern farmhouse combines different design elements to create a unique and stylish space. Start with a neutral color palette and add pops of color with wrought-iron accents and barn boards. 

When decorating your home, make your home look good by following these tips:

Wooden and Rustic

Wooden furniture and rustic decor pieces are crucial to achieving the farmhouse look. When decorating a modern farmhouse, it’s essential to focus on the details. This means choosing furniture and decor items with interesting textures, patterns, or colors.


These elements will help to create a stylish and pulled-together look. Even as you use rustic decorative pieces, you can also integrate the use of modern accents. This will give a perfect balance for your home where one style complements another.

Contemporary and Cozy

The modern farmhouse style combines contemporary with cozy perfectly. It has a trendy yet inviting character that makes it perfect for any home. 

Create a comfortable ambiance by opening up the ceilings to expose the rafters. This will add height and drama to the space. Also, feel free to install materials such as limewashed timber cladding to the ceilings and walls. These additions can transform the room and give a warm feeling.

Avoid covering brick walls or exposed beams. Instead, use them as a design feature in the room. You can also go with neutral paint colors to add to the light and airy feeling of the space.

Simple and Clean

A farmhouse style is often more casual and relaxed than traditional styles. Focus on simplicity and functionality when decorating. Choose furniture and decor items that serve a specific purpose and use a neutral color palette to keep the space feeling clean and uncluttered.

Incorporating natural light into the design also helps to create a more open and airy feel. This is achieved using light-colored paint colors, large windows, and mirrored surfaces.

Choose a Focal Point

Highlighting a focal point is a great way to add interest to a farmhouse-style space. A focal point can be anything from a fireplace to an oversized kitchen island in the modern farmhouse kitchen.

For example, the fireplace creates an ambiance that encourages people to sit and relax for a while. The kitchen island provides an ideal space for preparing meals and entertaining guests. Stainless steel appliances can further enhance the look of your modern farmhouse kitchen. You can also set up a wooden table in the dining room to promote bonding among family and friends.

Use Natural Textures and Tones

Organic and natural textures are among the main features of farmhouse-style homes. Using stone and wood can achieve the rustic style typical in these home designs. These natural elements create an intimate feel that will make you feel right at home. Try using galvanized metal, stone, or wood in your decor to get the modern farmhouse look.

Modern farmhouse aesthetics evoke images of an old-fashioned farmhouse with a contemporary twist. This style is perfect for anyone who loves the chic country look but wants to update it with a more modern feel.

How do you Combine Farmhouse and Modern?

modern farmhouse decor
Two worlds collide when you for a modern farmhouse-style home (Photo from Pinterest)

Achieving a farmhouse ambiance in a modern home focuses on comfort. This is done by furnishing the space to make it inviting for people to sit and relax. The furniture should be inviting and have a laid-back feeling that encourages family and friends to enjoy themselves.

A modern farmhouse design is simple, clean, and comforting. It also uses a neutral palette using shiplap and reclaimed wood.

Still need help with the modern farmhouse aesthetic? Follow these suggestions:

Use Cool or Warm Neutrals

Use a color palette of warm neutrals for a rustic farmhouse look. You can also layer in some natural wood tones. Using salvaged wood is another great way to get this look. The scratches, knots, and nicks give your home the famous rustic feel of modern farmhouses. 

Choose the Right Accessories

The accessories you choose can give your home a touch of rustic modern farmhouse. Shop for farmhouse wall art, greenery, and vases. But don’t overcrowd the space with too many items. This will make the room look cluttered and busy. Giving the house room to breathe can help the space feel more open and airy.

Mix Metals into the Decor

You can further enhance the look using metal light fixtures, architectural details, and hardware. Metal chairs, railings, and doorknobs can also help to achieve this look. But don’t use more than three metals in a single room to avoid cluttering the home. So, the living room and kitchen should only have one or two metals.

What’s the Difference Between Farmhouse and Modern Farmhouse Styles?

Classic farmhouse styles focus on traditional fabrics and vintage furniture. On the other hand, the modern farmhouse style is a bit less rustic and adds more contemporary touches. This includes neutral colors and clean lines.

So, opt for the latter style if you want a more modern look. But if you want to stay true to the classic farmhouse aesthetic, go for the former.

Remember to focus on comfort and functionality no matter what style you choose. This will ensure that your home is a welcoming space for family and friends.


The modern farmhouse style is a lovely interior design theme that is perfect for people who want to combine the traditional rustic feel with functionality. If this is you, get in touch with an interior designer today.

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