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Don’t let Floods Saddle You with Heavy Losses

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It’s imperative that you get the best flood control management systems in New Orleans when buying waterfront property. Flooding occasions business spread across the world to incur losses of up to $3 billion. A furious Mother Nature is unequaled in the extent of damages and losses she leaves in her wake.

Experts estimate that damages from Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and Katrina in 2005 topped the $20 billion mark. Surprisingly, most of the flood damage in the US isn’t associated with such extreme events. Most of the reported losses in the country are caused by water that is less than a foot in height.

Pick the right location

It’s only natural to locate an industrial complex in an area that makes it easy to transport heavy loads quickly and affordable. Water-based transportation lets companies move lots of cargo without breaking the bank. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that one in ten properties are located in a flood zone.

That makes them quite susceptible to flood damage, especially in the face of changing climatic conditions occasioned by global warming. Properties in flood zones need a mix of approaches to keep the unwanted waters from coming in and wreaking havoc. Flood barriers come in various shape and sizes can be either, wet, passive, or active.

Working with a flooding expert when picking a property can help you choose one that is least susceptible to flooding damage. An expert can also help you enforce effective flooding mitigation solutions to keep your property safe. You also get to comply with all the legal requirements.

Get it right from the get-go

Flood in the neighborhood

You need to identify how much of a flooding threat you will be facing to institute effective control measures. That applies both when building a new facility from scratch or to an existing building. With new constructions, you need to integrate the mitigation measures into the structure of the building. For instance, you can incorporate onsite flood barrier into the concrete works, making the invisible to enhance the buildings aesthetic appeal.

When retrofitting an existing facility, you need to get a little creative as you have limited choices, particularly when trying to preserve the building’s appearance. If the walls or the door jamb aren’t strong enough to support the water pressure, you might need to install a concrete footer.

If the facility’s wall can’t handle the hydrostatic pressure of the raging water, then you’re better off installing a perimeter fence. Each flood mitigation solution is unique to the target facility. Therefore, it’s imperative that you retain the services of credible and reputable experts when putting up one.

Flooding and the resultant water damage often leave business nursing losses that run up to billions of dollars each year. Instead of such events catch you off guard, it’s best to go on the offensive. With the help of a credible expert, you can adopt effective flood mitigation measures and keep the raging water at bay. Such measures make an excellent investment for your business as they will last you for a long time and prevents you from incurring a fortune in losses.

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