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Guide to Choosing Fittingly Awesome Awnings for Your Modern Home

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Awnings or overhangs have a lot of different uses and advantages for different kinds of establishments. No matter what you use them for, though, they add a certain charm to your building and also serve as protection from the weather. They’ve existed since ancient times, but as the architectural design evolved, we see less and less of these used for a more contemporary look. Getting them to work for modern structures may be tricky, and they can appear as outdated if not chosen and implemented well. If you happen to be one of the people who still want them in your home but find it hard to apply them in the right way, then you may find the following guide useful:

The Right Fit

A factor that you should consider is the space since one awning will take up at least a meter and a half. Plan it so that it won’t compromise the area and make it look cramped. You should also install it in a place where it won’t get in the way of the view or block sunlight that it shouldn’t. For example, it won’t be wise to put awnings in an overlooking view of Denver or under your veranda from which you can see your beautiful garden. It’s best to have it placed where it can provide necessary shade and protection from rain like the backdoor or your shed. If you happen to have an open area in your yard with chairs and tables, then it will be a perfect addition.

What It’s Made of


Back then, awnings had frames that were made of wood or metal. Nowadays, there’s an abundance of materials to choose from due to design evolution over the years. With that said, you can explore more of those new materials if you’re going for a more modern look. For example, you can choose to install retractable awnings so that you can still experience a spectacular view of the sky when you want to. Another modern material that you can use is solar panels, which can provide you with protection from direct sunlight as well as electricity.

Colors and Patterns

Color choice tends to make or break a certain view or aesthetic. The right color combination brings great improvement to the visitor’s viewing experience. Also, don’t forget the effect of patterns on the overall look of your home as not every kind works with all home designs. You can try to choose a plain color that matches your residence first and then work on looking for patterns that fit it. Your color choice may put the fun in function.

While all these points are practical, don’t forget that installing awnings also adds value to your home. Although they have been around for a very long time, they’re still a beneficial addition to any structure that needs them the most. But of course, consulting an expert on how to install your awnings would help a lot. Be sure to get in touch with one before you purchase anything.

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