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Features to Enhance an Establishment’s Exterior Designs

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Commercial building owners looking to attract more tenants or customers should consider working on improving their building’s exteriors. Even simple improvements can drive trade and better a business’ image in the community.

Today, location and building size are not the only factors that can attract customers into a commercial space. Style and appearance matter more significantly. A well-maintained building requires less maintenance and upkeep, improves energy efficiency, and visually, it’s simply more impactful.

Commercial Awning

A commercial awning may only seem like a minor design detail and adjustment. The fact is it can have a significant impact on boosting business sales. This is true for all offices, especially hotels, restaurants, and retail stores. Awning services can provide shade for your chair and work table if you decide to put up a workspace in your building’s courtyard or balcony. You can also consider installing a retractable awning. This can cover a large space and be kept whenever it is not in use.

There are many different awning colors and styles to match the exterior design of your establishment. Pick complementary colors so your awning appears as a seamless extension of the building. This will also make the building’s exterior seem larger than it is. You may choose to go for a contrasting awning color. This can make your office stand out among the rest of the community.

Fiber Cement Sides

Some commercial spaces use fiber cement siding for building exteriors. These panels are low maintenance as they do not peel, chip, or fade from the sun. If you choose this option, you don’t have to worry about scraping and repainting exteriors in order to maintain the style you want for your building.

Fiber cement comes in a wide variety of styles. Choose one that matches your brand and can attract more customers for your business. Consider, for example, that architectural panels and trim can provide a contemporary and modern façade, while horizontal or vertical wood sidings create a rustic look.

Architectural Roofing

Landscaped rooftop gardenThe roof is a part of the building that is often overlooked. Architectural roofing is designed to provide protection while being energy efficient, low maintenance, and attractive.

Remember to invest in roof insulation. This way, you improve a building’s overall energy efficiency and prevent heat transfer between the roof and the building interior. Proper installation reduces energy costs by keeping the building hotter in the winter and cooler in the summer. Insulation beneath the roof deck can prevent leaks and delay deterioration caused by excessive heat.

Better Colors

Better exterior colors attract more customers. Think about how you want to appear to potential and existing customers while you are setting up and decorating a new office building or repainting the building’s exterior.

Are there colors already associated with your business? Adopting them into the exterior can attract more business and strengthen the link between the color and your company. You can also consider choosing colors that match the feeling you want people to have as they enter your space.

Take the necessary steps to update and improve the exteriors of your establishment. This can keep overall building costs down and bring you more customers.

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