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Pet-Friendly House Design: Making Your Dog at Home in Your Home

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For centuries, dogs and humans have been taking care of each other. There are service dogs, therapy dogs, farm dogs, canine units, and even family pets that help and love their humans in every way they can. There’s no question about it: dogs are the only species that can love others more than they love themselves. As their owner, you must afford them the same loving consideration.

For instance, your dog deserves to be part of your home design decision. Do you envision a home that will benefit your dog as much as you? A home where your pet’s best interests will be included in the layout and feature plan? Consult home design companies like Trevalli Homes to execute the home you imagine.

Fenced-in Yard

dog in yard

Most dog breeds are active. They like to play, run around, and catch balls. But they can’t do these inside your home, especially if you have all those delicate decor and furniture lying around. If you have a backyard, surround it with a fence, so your dog can play outside safely. If you have a bigger budget, you may install a small pool for your dogs to swim in.

Outdoor Shower

If you’re familiar with Toby the Swamp Dog, you’d know how much some dogs love playing in the mud. As a homeowner, of course, you don’t want your dog doing that and coming into your home to scatter the dirt on your floor or carpet. You can DIY an outdoor shower for your pet, where you can give them a good scrub when they’re muddy or when it’s time for their regular bath. They don’t have to share the same shower or bath with you.

Laminate Flooring

No matter how disciplined your dog is, there are some days they feel extra energetic. While you don’t want to burst their bubble, you also don’t want them to scratch your floor. That said, the best flooring option for dog owners’ homes is laminate, which is tough, durable, and scratch-resistant. It’s also cheaper than other flooring materials.

Leather Couch

If you’re one of the many owners who allow their dogs on the couch, it’s great to invest in a leather sofa. The material is tough, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. It is especially ideal if you’re just starting to train your puppy – who might have accidents on your sofa! With a leather couch, you can just wipe the moisture away with a cloth and remove the scent with a vinegar-baking soda solution.

Accessible Window View

If you have a dog that likes to stay indoors, such as a Beagle or Yorkshire Terrier, you can provide them with entertainment through a window view. Place a piece of suitable furniture near the window that overlooks the street or garden. Just make sure that there are bars or screens that will prevent your pet from escaping and will protect them from an accident.

Making your home dog-friendly is not just a way to protect your belongings and surfaces from your dog’s daily activities. More than that, you’re also making your home safe and comfortable for your best friend.

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