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Electrical Faults: Signs It’s Time to Call an Electrician

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The electrical system is a significant part of your home. It is meant to provide power to run various appliances, without which different operations in a home would be disastrous. However, as important as it is, it could also pose a safety hazard if it is not running as it should be. To avert any eventualities, learn about the following indicators that it is already time to call in electrical professionals for repairs.

Flickering Lights

While flickering lights mostly indicate a defective bulb, changing it might not solve the problem. If, after replacement, you still experience flickering, the problem is not with the bulb. Faulty light fixtures, loose connections or wirings could also cause this. To ascertain what the issue is, contact your home electrical repair service provider in Woodbridge.


These are mostly accompanied by a burning odor. Sparks may emanate from any outlet. As soon as you notice the smell or sparks, turn off the power source immediately. The problem might be as a result of an overload, faulty electrical device or defective wiring. Call an electrician as soon as you can since the sparks pose the danger of starting an electrical fire.

Faulty Outlets

Burned power outletIt is always advisable to dry your hands before handling appliances. However, when you have defective outlets caused by cracked wiring, loose plugs or improper wiring, mild shocks could be experienced regularly. These could result in unsuspecting users experiencing tingles or mild shocks every time they touch an appliance, and when plugging or unplugging devices.

Such a situation is not only nasty but also problematic for all the people living in your home. Have the problem rectified immediately to curb further problems.

Circuit Breaker Tripping

The circuit breaker is designed to shut off electrical supply and avoid overheating. Where it keeps tripping, it is an indication that the circuit is overloaded. Where some mistake results in overheating, a fire could erupt. Other common signs of electrical circuit overload are buzzing switches and outlets, dimming lights, scorched plugs and burning odors. Call in the professionals to evaluate what is causing frequent circuit overloads in your electrical system.

Short Circuit

A short circuit can be dangerous. It occurs when a wire carrying current becomes exposed and touches another wire. Then, the current flows along the switch. This can result in electrical shock and cause burns and fires. Short circuits are usually due to faulty insulation and loose connections. Broken appliances can also develop shorts over time.

Ground Fault

A kind of short circuit, ground fault happens when a hot or active wire touches the ground wire or the walls of a metal box. This is extremely dangerous in the kitchen and bathroom. So, make sure to use ground fault circuit interrupters with your outlets in these areas of moisture to prevent ground faults from occurring.

Electrical problems can result in massive losses and even death. As soon as you notice any issue, make sure it is dealt with immediately to keep everyone in your home safe.

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