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How to Lower Your Building Costs

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The high cost of building a house from scratch often causes many people to postpone their dreams of owning a home. With the right measures, you can keep your construction costs low without compromising on quality.

Gleaning from suppliers of concrete surface retarders, a budget three-bedroom house with no frills is likely to set you back $160,000. A premium one is likely to set you back close to $200,000. These figures don’t include the cost of the lot or site preparation. Luckily, you can take some credible measures to keep your construction costs low from the get-go and get your dream house without breaking the bank.

Build Tall

If you think about it, most townhouses rise several stories tall and have slender floor plans to fit in a relatively small lot. Get the best bang for your buck when building a home by going for a multiple-story building. Instead of going for a single-story house that spans the entire lot, raise the house a floor or two. You will have the same amount of space as you would with an expansive home but at a lower cost.

You will have a smaller foundation and roof, two items that are likely to bloat your construction budget. You will also lower the cost of installing the ventilation and plumbing systems. However, you need to be sure that the building style meets your housing needs. It also leaves you with enough space to create a lawn or a garden, which increases the curb appeal of the home.

Pick the Lot Carefully

It’s easy to go for the most affordable lot when looking to buy land, and this might end up being a costly mistake. Sellers often discount unattractive lots to make them attractive to buyers. If you must blast through rock, clear trees, or excavate deeply before you’re ready to build, expect to spend more in site preparation.

You also need to consider the installation costs for utilities and public services. Before committing to a deal, have a land expert inspect the site. Failing to do so could have you incurring tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary site preparation costs.

Pick Your Floor Plan Carefully

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If you’re shelling up to a thousand dollars per square foot when building a house, you need to ensure that every last inch of the floor is usable. Getting a professional to design your floor plan is the most effective way to achieve this feat. A sound floor plan accounts for furniture placement as well as traffic flow inside the house.

The best houses have lots of usable space while allowing free movement and accessibility. You also need to be careful with room placement as it can affect the quality of life. For instance, having the bedroom next to the living room might interfere with the quality of sleep due to TV noises. Having the laundry room on the ground floor saves you the agony of having to lag heavy laundry basket up the stairs.

Building a house from the ground up lets you create a custom space that meets your specific needs. With a little creativity, you can find a credible way to lower your construction costs without compromising on quality. That way, you can get your dream house without leaving a gaping hole in your wallet.

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