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How to Keep Your Stuff Safe During a Big Move to a New City

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Moving to a new state or city is always an overwhelming and stressful process. As much as you’re excited about new things and new people, moving your things and your valuables from one place to another can be a really stressful event in anyone’s life. What you need to do is to check out affordable moving companies in Marietta. Choose the most affordable and reputable moving company that you can trust with your stuff. After that, schedule when to pack all your stuff in their trucks and make a mental note to invite a trusted friend or relative to help you with the move.

Categorize and Pack Your Stuff

While many moving companies offer packing services, this is one of the things that you must do to ensure that nothing will be lost. As much as you want to trust moving companies and their crew, there’s just something cathartic about packing your own stuff into boxes. When you pack, make sure to categorize your things first: living room, bedroom, kitchen, decorations, important documents, and valuables. Categorizing your things will give you an idea of which of these boxes you need to move by yourself and which can be entrusted to the moving companies.

Identify the Valuables

Your personal documents should be kept in one folder, and that folder or box should travel with you. If you have valuables such as jewelry, you need to take that with you in the car or plane (if you’re traveling by air). If you have valuable paintings that need to be wrapped, handled, and transported carefully, call another moving company that specifically caters to valuable items such as paintings and sculptures. However, you should still make it a point to travel together with the vehicle that carries your valuables.

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Take an Inventory with Photos

If you are going to transport your valuables using a moving company, take an inventory of your things. Take photos of the items that you are handing over to the company. There’s also insurance for these kinds of things, so you might want to check that out.

Pack Conspicuously

Do not label the boxes with something obvious such as “gold jewelry.” That will give the movers an idea of what’s really inside those boxes. Just make a note of which boxes contain your valuables. You might also want to put the valuables in smaller boxes so that they can go on top of the load. Speaking of valuables, you cannot pack them simply in plastic bags and shoe boxes. Visit a supply store and invest in specialized boxes that will keep your valuables safe.

Put “Handle with Care” Labels

If you are going to move something that can be broken like a glass table, make sure to mark the box accordingly. Put labels such as “handle with care” and “breakable” on the box so that the movers will understand that they need to take extra care when handling such items. Again, don’t forget about moving insurance and the possibility of buying or renting crates for your valuables.

Hiring a professional, reputable, and trusted moving company is the most important thing that you must do when transporting your stuff to a new city. If the moving company can be trusted, you don’t have to go into all the trouble of moving some of the valuables yourself or paying for moving insurance. Take your time in finding out as many details and reading as many reviews as you can about a moving company you are eyeing.

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